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Campfire Voice - 22 Mar 2019


We're pleased to announce the first Campfire 'Tools For Active Citizens' weekend in conjunction with Selgars Mill in the Devon countryside for the weekend of June 7-9th, 2019.


Meet... in a glorious secluded location with excellent facilities and shared accommodation

Eat... splendid local, organic meals 

Learn... from others and expert leaders 

Speak...your truth. Refine your ideas and realise your aims. others, to teachers, to music, to yourselves. 

And ACT... for there can be no progress without action. 

'The most effective way to disempower a population is to convince them they have no power'

Join us for an energising and constructive weekend of workshops, discussions and collaborative tasks. Learn new skills, share ideas with likeminded others, refine tactics, celebrate communality, and create significant local actions that can spread and inspire beyond borders.  Limited tickets available now via Eventbrite.

The world we once took for granted is throwing up new and terrifying challenges and it would be easy to feel overwhelmed. Ignoring those urgent issues or waiting for 'the experts' to sort things out is clearly not an option. An informed and active population challenging, creating and changing things together at a local level is the most powerful tool we have to fight back against our inept, short-sighted and corrupt political mainstream. Let’s not let them get away with their divide-and-rule tactics; their selling us and our children down the river. Now is our time to fight back with effective campaigns, galvanising actions and, most of all, by telling and living the truth.  

Big changes are happening at many levels - in politics, in environmental campaigning, in economic theory and in the ways we are organising socially. A new consciousness is in the air and the change starts with us, how we feel, how we listen, how we interact and how we disseminate ideas, skills and initiatives. Let’s build the networks and structures that are needed together from the ground upwards, so that we’re ready to act.

Campfire Convention: a conscious social network offering radical alternatives, will be trailblazing a series of ‘How To' sessions in conjunction with Selgars Mill, a new eco retreat in Mid Devon. The weekend will introduce participants to wide-ranging skills focussing on how we can be effective, informed and active citizens in the 21st Century. 

Selgars Mill is run by musicians and activists committed to sustainability, organic growing and the nurturing of all forms of creativity. The Mill has a splendid organic garden that produces wonderful vegetables. Taking the produce as inspiration, we promise you a variety of dishes that will invigorate your palate and sustain your body over the weekend. Meals - a combination of vegetarian and vegan using local organic producers- will be prepared by the resident chefs with assistance from you. Weather permitting we will also barbecue, bake and forage together so that each shared feast is a celebration of creativity, community and pleasure! 

Your Workshop Leaders; Our Trailblazer sessions will be led by Jamie Kelsey-Fry; journalist, broadcaster, poet and educator. Jamie has taken significant roles in many high profile international campaigns, often focussing on the issues and rights of indigenous activists. These sessions will broaden and redefine the loaded term 'activisit' to incorporate all those who actively engage with issues they believe in. We will learn about the mechanisms and value of citizens assemblies, explore deeper communication and listening techniques, and explore ways of engaging and utilising the mainstream, alternative and social media.

Pete Lawrence: Founder and Firestarter of Campfire Convention. He is perhaps best known as founder of The Big Chill festival and is now building a member-led online social network, free of advertising and algorithms, which is already putting on regular face-to-face events. He passionately believes that we have potential to evolve the way we do social networking as well as stepping up and actively facilitating change, starting at local level.

Sarah Jewell: Musical Director of the renowned Songlines International Choir and a composer who is often commissioned to write anthemic pieces to accompany mass political/educational actions. After 23 years in London she has now moved full time to Devon to build a new ecologically, sensitive sanctuary with music at its heart and revolution in its soul. As many of us have come together through creative connections Sarah will lead informal singing and music making sessions throughout the weekend because every significant social movement needs a soundtrack to bond and inspire! 

Campfire Convention is a broad and increasingly diverse community of elders, experts and enthusiasts of all ages. Read about what we are about and where we are going. Join us to develop templates of expertise, build collective wisdom and have a fantastic time in a magical location.

The location at Selgars Mill is ideal for bringing people together to find solutions over two or three days in a quiet rural location. Cars are limited on site so the venue has arranged pick ups from Tiverton Parkway.

Mail for more venue details.

Tickets are limited to 28 and are available via Eventbrite now (click link image below)




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