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Julie Horsley - 08 Apr 2020


The Lighthouse for Learning and Knowledge is a new project for Campfire Convention to meet the needs of the more beautiful world we want to help to create. Would you like to offer accessible, co-created on-line webinars, podcasts and courses?

Old paradigm systems are crumbling in ways that have never been witnessed before.  For the emergent new earth, it is pretty clear that we need new ways of learning and sharing knowledge. If we understand the centrality of learning, our evolution and path to the future we want will be richer and more rewarding. What we are offering here is experiential learning that honours each and every one of us in our uniqueness of learning needs and wishes. That is more of a co-mingling and co-journeying than that of teacher and student.

The Global Futures Paper is truly inspiring and clearly aligned with our thinking here at Campfire.  

Having also worked with immensely inspiring young people, there is a real yearning and need for the current education system and paradigms to quickly shift into a more inclusive and holistic, new paradigm way of living and learning.  

The Lighthouse for Learning and Knowledge is a new project for Campfire Convention to meet the needs of the more beautiful world we want to help to create. 

With accessible, co-created on-line webinars, podcasts, short courses and what we are describing as "journeys", we are creating a wide range of offerings that are affordable and that harness the incredible gifts and talents within our community and as part of wider collaborations with those who are aligned with our values and ethos.

We intend to offer "live" on-line events initially at a very affordable "one-off" investment for a core group of participants (who are also the co-creators and co-funders) and this will be paid forward so that we can create free access to an evolving library on the Campfire Convention website of these webinars and workshops as part of our wider membership so that people can then access the recordings of the webinars free.  This is, we feel, an important platform for the new and evolving paradigm of learning and sharing our skills, gifts and talents. This will range from highly practical, day to day skills through to more initiative journeys.  The initiative journeys, for example, will be in private groups to ensure that we also offer a safe holding space for more intimate connections for our members.  These  journeys, for obvious reasons, will not be made available publicly so we will share themes of our collective learning in articles and extracts that our group will create together for others to be inspired by.  We hope that this will also support elderhood in our community.

Would you like to be involved?  Do you have gifts that you would like to share?  Would you be up for offering these and broadcasting from home via webinar, podcast and ultimately blending these with live events as we emerge from our recent cocooning?

We have already had some amazing offers from our community.  We will be co-hosting a Woman's Initiation course (coming June 2020) and a programme called "Critical and Radical Community Development" as well as holistic health and wellbeing and something around grief, death and conscious end of life journeys. Other suggestions we are delighted with are young people's initiative journeys, self-care practices, holistic health and wellbeing, basket weaving, herbal tea making, cooking, holistic music therapy, emotional literacy, light language and many more.  Other ideas include bio-dynamic farming/gardening, wild medicine, foraging, fire arts, nature dyes and inks, sewing, soap making,  rock and pebble art and many more.



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