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- 14 Nov 2018


It's somehow appropriate that Campfire is sending out an invite to come to Frome for five days in late August 2019. The town has been in the news a lot for its independent, non-conformist groups and activities, campaigns and initiatives and this event might just turn out to be a gathering of the clans...

Book here at early 'Firestarter' prices, starting at £60 for adult 5 day tickets. We have a number of free 'Campfire Bursary' tickets available to those who can't afford to pay for their ticket - apply via

What's in store?

A five day gathering in the glorious Somerset countryside celebrating life. Join us for talks, panels, ‘how to’ sessions, games, cookery, alternative therapies, music, performance art, archery, foraging, yoga and more. The vibe is hay bales, campfires, night skies, cinema, hot tubs, street food, picnics, glamping and much more.

We aim to combine a feminine intelligence with a masculine intelligence to explore ways we can dance together in a delicious oneness that can honour and celebrate these differences but also transcend them and harness the combined energy in a universal consciousness.

Bring what you expect to find!

Campout 2019 will celebrate connection, spontaneity and celebration. Join us for this coming-together to round off high summer by seeking positive solutions. 

Part of our programme utilises the open space format to allow radical participation - enabling all members to convene their own sessions. We intend to build a truly democratic festival to explore ways we can imagine a better world, and then empower ourselves to actually make it happen.

In this age of disconnection, fear, and alienation, how do we set intention? How do we achieve balance, strength and focus on the positive? How do we start building resources to make a difference? How do we gain the inner strength to maximise our potential as human beings and as community?

Field 725 is just one mile from the Somerset market town of Frome and is fully equipped with compost loos and showers, food and drink will be available or BYO.  

Together we can create the change we all know is possible.

Be The Difference : Campout 2019

Tickets can booked via Eventbrite. Take advantage of our Early bird 'firestarter' prices here...

If you're in the area, there's lots going on in Frome. Here's a few initiatives for starters...




Andie Brazewell

Ticket bought!

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