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Julie Horsley - 15 May 2020


The focus of The Orchard is on our blessings and sharing our innate connection with the land, the elements and the sacred. It offers us opportunities to integrate the polarities with the convergence of powerful energies at this time of the year.

With our up-and-coming Solstice/World Harmony event (19-21 June), we'd love to hear from Campfire members who would like to be involved in The Orchard space over the weekend. 

For the wider event, already we have an amazing line up of musicians and speakers and it is our intention for the whole event to be something we can all enjoy wherever we are and whatever we are doing . With so many of us needing to be online and often indoors to keep connected, for this part of the weekend, we want it to be highly participatory and to offer experiences that can be enjoyed both inside and out - be that in the kitchen, garden, local park, woodlands, beach or climbing hills and where we can still (creative use of mobile technology and networks permitting) dip in and out of the events. 

The focus of The Orchard is on our blessings and sharing our innate connection with the land, the elements, sacred sites (holy wells and stone formations and circles, for example) and the powerful convergence of energies around the Solstice. It is an opportunity to celebrate and unify with each other and the non-human beings with whom we share this living, breathing planet.  The Summer Solstice is the doorway to the second half of the year, and what a year it has been so far; perhaps a perfect time to renew our commitments to the Earth and to stand on this extraordinary threshold and set some intentions about what we would like to encourage in our lives as we move forward into the second half of 2020 - the year of clarity (2020 vision). 

We already have some ideas and suggestions;  particularly around Celtic, Shamanic and Druidic Solstice ceremony and rituals and the facilitation of embodied experiences to connect with some aspect of nature.  The Orchard will include different activities and offerings that each attendee can weave in to whatever they are doing over the weekend, so it will be a blend of live and recorded experiences amongst the other weekend activities.  This could be anything you feel you would like to do that honours the bounds of social distancing and lockdown that involves being in the natural environment.  Feel free to use whatever technology you are comfortable with.  Just to give you an idea of what we can do...

this short clip is a sea blessing we shot recently using a smart phone.

Would you like to film the solstice sunrise?

Have a solstice fire ceremony (perhaps at a Beacon site)?

Teach about wild crafting or film yourself foraging in the locality?

Chant around a co-created cairn of stones, stone formations or a simple fire?

Have a mini family carnival or puppet show?

Lead a drumming circle?

Share a much loved nature poem?

Have a family picnic in a nearby orchard?

Design a nature mandala in your local park, forest or garden?

Sing blessings to the sea, a river, the garden pond (see above)?

Film a walk with local trees or a family forest bathe with a wild plant tea ceremony using your mobile?  

Can you recommend other contributors to The Orchard experience?  Has anyone else sprung to mind as you read this?  Would they like to join with us to offer their earth wisdom and insights to celebrate the Solstice and our overarching intention for harmony and unity?

Get in touch. or message me here. :)



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