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Julene Siddique - 23 Jun 2020


Launched on the Solstice at Campfire's World Harmony event. 11 more sessions to go on this beautiful journey.

We had a really lovely introduction session on the Solstice. I felt so connected and happy to create that open space for sharing and transformation.  I want to thank the beautiful ladies that were there at at Campfire's World Harmony event.. 


  • There will be 11 more sessions happening every Saturday at 3pm UK time on Zoom.
  • Each individual session is £10. If you or someone you know wants an individual session have them email me here (
  • The package price for all 12 sessions is £85 and can be bought here as well as receive more information


Outline of the remaining 11 Sessions of our Journey

  • Session 2: June 27th: The Menstrual Cycle Revolution - Understanding the menstrual cycle and why it's important for you, your body and your life.
  • Session 3: July 4th: How to reset your endocrine system and cycle sync your life 
  • Session 4: July 11th: The Womb (with special guest  Anaiya Sophia)
  • Session 5: July 18th: Feminine Energy, Sensuality and Creative Practice
  • Session 6: August 1st: Self-Care and Sovereignty (with special guest Amma Sophia Rose)
  • Session 7: August 8th: Pleasure & Sexuality 
  • Session 8: August 15th: Personal and Social Issues (group sharing)
  • Session 9: August 22nd: Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom (Dr. Northrup) aligning your emotional-physical issues for healing and engaging your body's wisdom
  • Session 10: August 29th: Lifestyle, Rituals and Creating your own personal practice
  • Session 11: September 5th: Initiation 


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