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Matthew Coldrick - 24 Jan 2021


1. Cats find their owners: Dig if you will, the picture of the Blankety Blank conveyor belt with a blind ginger kitten sat behind it, somewhere in the garden of collective consciousness.


Nelson’s Column 

The arrival a blind stray kitten at my door in Greece on 22nd of November 2020 marked a pivotal moment in how I see the world and the way my daily attention was directed. 

Calling him Nelson was culturally inappropriate, Homer would have been better, especially as I’d spent the day before discussing Homer with an Islander. But Nelson has stuck and he is becoming known amongst friends now and not just for his cuteness. There’s depth in them thar claws.
I’m going to post ad hoc content across several channels as things unfold with him. There is subtle magic in his arrival and in the way we now engage, none of it was sought though I wonder if my prayers for deeper and better companionship were answered during some bleak moments before leaving England in October 2020.

Here are three short musings to help set the scene for future posts. 


  1. Cats find their owners: 
    Dig if you will, the picture of the Blankety Blank conveyor belt with a blind ginger kitten sat behind it, somewhere in the garden of collective consciousness. Sat on the conveyor belt is a steady flow of terracotta human statuettes, each one representing the prayers and wishes of lost souls like me. The blind Kitten, not being able to see any of the detail contained in the statuettes simply thrusts a paw out at a figure when he feels it is right to do so. A soul is claimed and Lord Wogan of the skies arranges for the lost soul to be coupled with the blind kitten through apparent  earthly synchronicities, carefully manufactured by the adapted Victorian adding machine in “Lord Wogan’s office of apparent synchronicities”. The healing has begun.


  1. Cats keep you present. In the flake advert of your dreams, where the casual hand reaches out to catch the falling statuette from the shelf as the kitten, oh so innocently, brushes long the heir looms, in that place there is perfection , organisation, motion control cameras and people with clipboards building an illusion.
    It is not so in reality . No mam it is not. Spontaneous kitten chaos punctuates every living moment and the media freelancer or locked-down admin now working from home who thought feline company might make the daily slump at 3.35 pm less lonely is now distracted unto psychotherapy with the realisation that something kinetic and expensive is likely to happen at any moment. 
  2. A Cat is a mirror in disguise. And you will suffer as much as you could grow if you don’t cotton on to this one quickly. The difference between this type of mirror and any other is that cats only reflect your shadow and they do it to the soundtrack of “they’re coming to take me away”, building from a sonic smog in the back of your mind to a  truly beautiful crescendo of release . Show me someone who has not cried when they have lost patience at their beloved Pet and melted at the reaction and I will show you a cardboard box. 


   Enjoy the ad hoc posts my friends, it’s high time we all got a little closer to the animal kingdom lest we forget who and what we are and if these posts enable that in any way then that’s a good thing. 

Mog-cast  can be heard here :






That was the BEST little short Matthew! I know exactly how those puddypaws feel when they're octopus-investigating your face...and then slipping out the odd claw to see if you were paying attention (which you definitely were!).
utterly beguiling and totally cute.
There's something so deeply gorgeous about being poked by a kitten too - of course you wouldn't mind enduring a small scratch for feline attention! I'ts just nature innit?

And that sweetest-ever purr as well - your kitty has landed in heaven for sure!

Thank you for sharing your crazy-cat moments, which I'm sure will be looping throughout the day of your life....mine gets into bed first thing (hoping for an early food delivery I suspect) and then proceeds to dribble into my elbow, which does actually eject me from said bed fairly fast!

Please keep the updates coming!
Thanks x

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