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Julie Horsley - 17 Apr 2020


An opportunity for restoration and renaissance unlike any other...

In the Earth's far, far distant past, everything was fire.  Fire is an ancient and primal substance. Every breath of air, every shimmering ocean and each and every mountain is an expression of densified fire. Fire holds a compelling fascination for humans.  We often celebrate this when we gather - either in person or virtually, in circle, around the fire - be it a captivating candle swaying, an open fire or the crackling of a beloved log burner in our home.

This year, however, with Earth day just on the horizon, I feel that the element of Air (as all of our primal elements are) is particularly in need of deep, deep reverence.  Yes, for sure, the four primal elements are essential to all life on this exquisite planet.  Our lives rely upon each and every one.  Yet, I wonder, in the light of the improvement in environmental pollution as a result of lockdown, what other inspired actions we can take and this led me to ask these kinds of questions and I invite you to do the same.

  • How often do we (remembering the Hollies track) take time to appreciate the air we breathe? 
  • Breathing is the first and last thing we do on this planet in our physical form.  How mindful are we of our breath as a transmuter of the primal source?  
  • How might we celebrate the symbiotic relationship of the inhale and the exhale with our tree companions, for example? 
  • How might we ensure that our plant and animal companions suffer as little as possible from air pollution in the future? 
  • How else can we mitigate the damage inflicted on our eco-systems? 
  • How can we clear and enhance our personal and communal spaces ?
  • How might we give all the elements, and particularly, right now, the element of Air, a voice? 
  • Whilst we are cocooned at home, how can we cleanse our rooms with ambient sounds and tones, smudging with cleansing herbs and using beautiful aromas? 
  • How might we cleanse our spaces of any dense or nervous energy that might have built up as we move around our living area?

What else can we offer within the Campfire Community?

Earth Day is 50 years of age on 22 April. How might we participate?  We will be showing Pete's inspiring Fresh Air AV - what else could you offer?  A poem, an article, a breath practice, or perhaps making an altar somewhere on your excursion out to exercise? 

How can we demonstrate a renewed commitment to beautiful Gaia?

Feel free to share - and to post any inspirational photos or quotes.


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