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Julie Horsley - 11 Mar 2020


It's good practice, on a daily basis, to release any collective fear based energies through whatever works for each of us, and also at any time we sense the energies of others are pulling us in that direction. 

There has been much talk about Fear. Fear is a normal human reaction. However, fear is a vibrational carrier that can lower our vibration and it spreads like wildfire! We can, when "playing" in that fear and anxiety (rather than acting from prudence and common sense) invite in certain scenarios that we would want to avoid. When our vibration is high, illness and disease cannot be active and exist in the same way in our physical bodies so the more we can re-frame our fears and calm our minds the more this will also support our physical bodies.  It is good practice, on a daily basis, to release any collective fear based energies through whatever ways work for each of us and any time we sense the energies of others are pulling us in that direction. 

For those of you who enjoy the use and practice of aromatherapy and essential oils, making a blend of Thieves Oil (clove, lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon and rosemary) to use in a room diffuser, inhalations or mixed with a carrier oil can be a natural alternative. The story of Thieves Oil is fascinating and as ever, do your own research, check out the story and the benefits and power of these oils. Stay sovereign and empowered and if you feel drawn to use Thieves Oil, check in with your body to ensure that it feels comfortable and right for you right now to do so.

Additionally, here is Patrick Holford's take on supporting viral infections generally:

Can Vitamin C combat the Coronavirus?

CAN VITAMIN C COMBAT THE CORONAVIRUS?  Can Vitamin C combat the Coronavirus? online. Nutritional advice articles from Patrick Holford. 


Image above is Penny Hardy's exquisite sculpture "Blew me away".  The image, for me, evokes the need to release that which no longer serves us and in particular to let the elements help us to release energies of fear. 



Lucy Wills

Steps in gently.

Our immunity and our endocrine system are affected by stress, so whatever we can do to reduce stress and feel calm and centred and nurtured is helpful.

Unfortunately much of our modern culture is built around stress and it's very hard to escape from this.

It is much more likely that pollution and overuse of antibiotics are contributing to the spread of viruses like covid 19 than a lack of vision or heart.

Self-care will help us have a better chance of beating off the virus should we catch it, and of being around to help others who can't.

But we must very careful that we don't try and wish this away, this is not so much our spiritual failure as a wider moral one.

Our health systems have been underfunded and lacking in vision for a very long time.

I'm using high dose vitamin C every winter and I've been occasionally using the generic version of thieves for a very long time. Not everybody can tolerate thieves oil used every day, I use lavender and rosemary for that. Also, don’t forget that essential oils are really toxic to cats!

Doing what we can to protect our own health is really important, yet we also have to call for more action for everybody.

Let's give our health care systems a lot of love while they catch up.


Julie Horsley

Thank you Lucy for your wisdom and insights. Your comments resonate, and yes, thieves oil is powerful. Personally I'm mostly using it diluted in spray form.

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