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Bruce Bickerton - 25 May 2020


Hi, long time maaan.

Thought I'd reach out and say hallo...

I've been quite busy over the last few weeks.

Today and most of the Bank Holiday weekend has been spent decorating our lounge, and I've discovered that wallpaper hanging is truly an art form... one that I [and Nina] haven't quite perfected quite yet. But practice makes perfect.

I've also been working hard on my new website. The old one, whilst doing its job perfectly adequately, was a little bit tired. So, with a bit of help from my old friend Ed Richardson, I started building incarnation 6 of the alucidnation site. It's honestly been a labour of love, and eventually proved to quite an addictive project.

So that went live yesterday.
Go and have a look:

I thought I'd generate some interest by simultaneously releasing a purely ambient new record , which I've also done. It's called 'Meditations' and is my first truly 'atmospheric' LP since 'Sound to Sleep to', which was released way back when and has proved to be a strong seller over the years.

This new record is designed primarily for getting into the zone, and I think, without blowing my own horn too loudly, that it succeeds in that department.

You can listen to [and purchase!] the album by clicking here:

I've been working on some videos to accompany a couple of the phases on the album, which are at my YouTube channel; please subscribe if you've not already done so!

Watch the videos here.

Add to this that I've also written some new improvised piano tracks and set those to video too... and you'll hopefully concur that I've not spent this rather strange few weeks simply sat on my arse doing nowt...

Cheerio, see you in a virtual field soon. xxx



Matthew Foord

Excellent Bruce...look forward to hearing this and glad that you've got a new home from your show. Endless Smiles

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