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Lucy Wills - 10 Mar 2020


I've been feeling oddly light today, and it's so quiet.


Not just outside, but in here, and in my head.


Life is not simple, and we still have much to be concerned about. Yet I have just realised that there is a peace that comes with acceptance, of cancelling plans and taking more care, and letting some fustration slide too.


And just for a moment, this afternoon, standing in the kitchen I am transported, first to past winter holidays, and warm silence, and then to something long past, and long buried, and I am six again and





yet secretly thrilled at being inside


there's no school today

and Dad is home

and knows what to do

or at least seems to

and mum has fed the chickens for me

and the dog has been brought in


everything is blanketed

by snow, nothing but white out of the window

all quiet and muffled by the drifts

we have counted the tins and the candles

there's enough, just, we think


and there's magic in the lantern light

casting pools across my homework

looking up, the stars are bright like ice

and the nothing seems to matter so much

as being safe indoors




And here we are again, facing with something bigger than

ourselves, and that we cannot (yet) face directly, but that we cannot turn a blind eye to either.


And lying low seeming very wise.


It's a time of telling stories, of reminding ourselves who we are any why, and what we value


And of looking out for each other.





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