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Jason Hine - 26 Aug 2020


Journeying to sacred wild spaces in Eastern Crete we encounter immense mountains with springs emerging directly from the mountain face, pools with water nymphs and coruscating web-like waterlight on rocks, wild sage and thyme, iridescent green lizards, tiny frogs and toads, giant freshwater crabs, wild grapes and figs. I'm told there are 3000 varieties of herbs here, contributing to the longevity of the people.

I'm here listening to the sentient intelligence of the land, learning about folklore, making ceremony on the land, visiting dream incubation temples, meeting storytellers, swimming with multicoloured fish, learning from local people, meeting kittens and helping facilitate the creation of ancient future ecovillages. Crete is a wellspring of animistic dreaming, a source of ancient future earth based culture

On the Nida plateau I discover that before Zeus there was Zagreus, a proto-Dionysus and proto-Zeus: a bull headed god married to the local queen, called forth from the underworld with trumpets. Both an underworld and a solar God. He emerges from a cave with a sword, terrifying, but the sword becomes a gardening tool, and he starts gently planting herbs and trees.

Dionysus emerges as the indestructible life that lives immanently in bios life, always rising again. He tells us to reforest the land, gives teachings on Dionysian rites and plants herbs. In the gentle village of Matala we meditate with Hekate as ensouling force of the universe, as described in the Chaldean Oracles.

Dionysus is here with his star goddess lover Ariadne. Before being a lover of Theseus, who abandoned her, she was a Goddess in union with Dionysus. She instructs us on sacred union and on how to create ancient future communities. According to philosopher Peter Kingsley, new cultures come into existence, are brought forth, in states of ecstasy.


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