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Solange Leon Iriarte - 31 Jul 2019


The rain came down hard and uninterrupted and soothing and it did not pool and isolate us. The music brought us gently out of last night's stupor into a sunnier field, empty but full of all that we needed....

I spent the weekend singing. And even though I studied opera for four years, I never do... sing.

You know you are in the right place when you are singing and dancing and Barry and Handsome Stranger know about Silos and love Silos too, and know about Bernd and Hilla Becher's immortalisation of them in black and white photos. My Cape Town upcoming journey  will be in memory of my Dee and Silos, and wine and traveling incessantly with my partner in crime and Besty and Beasty Matty Boy Wilson. Hopefully with a sparkle of Losh.

Africa I m ready to meet you, feeling shy and nervous on our first date.

I have come back reconnected. To what matters. Foot on ice, antibiotics kicking in, I am still on that field. I think I might stay on that field in my mind for a while, looking out at Turner like landscapes above the rolling Sussex hills.

I spent the weekend talking about reforesting. About ecology, music, art, dancing, playing, rescuing ourselves and this planet. A very needed a balm, of the exhausting-and yet miraculously energizing kind. I ll have another bite. The insects certainly did, four ant bites and two wasps later,  antibiotics, antihistamines and antiballooning oh yessss. Another kiss instead of a bite in view of my recent insect encounter might perhaps be gentler; to the land, the folk I love and live with, the oak trees in Nico’s hair, our green delicate and fiery green refined and most intelligent dragon journalist Jane, Mike s magic violin, Eva saving me from sucking out the poison out of the first wasp bite on my arm, all to the beat of cocktails shaken, Chewy and Lou's loyalty and unwavering grins, the jewellery disco madness, the fire (the fire!), the poetry of Mary and the light on Peter's eyes.

The list is endless. Matt is back in England and here and playing again! Badger's activism is racing extinction and Extinction Rebellers.

And ALL the music had heart, hearts. I would drink it all again. A community and a weekend of closeness. You can have limitless fun aaaannd work both. For tomorrow.

Let s save tomorrow.

Shall we?


The rain came down hard and uninterrupted and soothing and it did not pool and isolate us. The music brought us gently out of last night's stupor into a sunnier field, empty but full of all that we needed. Space and sun and breeze and divine all inspiring music to breathe in and connect to one another.

Fuego. Dentro de mi. Dance dance dance, Murakami is always with me.

Old Tree and Brangwyn presence. One couldn’t wish for more.

The Egg twins of mischief, 3D astronauts playing drums to a remix of walking on the moon, trippy and tripping us all into the most beautiful eulogy to those friends who have departed and that are not here to hug the oak trees with us. My darling Dee, here you are again, under the starry sky I will always reach for your cascading laughter that echoes through the chambers of my memory. I miss you friend.

And she rocked it.

Nico. With her unknown beauty and decisiveness and determination and limitless passion and talent. Another power house. Forests will grow, I can assure you.

I have acquired yet another endless list of thanks and gratitude, for the borrowed umbrella, the shared shower gel, our breakfast saviours, night time fire, the silent gliders above our Sunday skies weaving invisible linework between us all , the helpful friend that helped me pack our borrowed tent from Del Belle- ‘Yo, peace’ , the kisses from beautiful strangers, my new Soda Pop nickname sparkling along Maff's drumming on a glowing bucket along to Harry, who somehow, found a child’s violin he could beautifully play with naturally, and to Harry’s guitar- The Other Harry. And our jet lagged Australian guest to Twin Trouble Delight Duo. A glowing family of strangers that I have met, or that I have now met. I am grateful and I am not ready to let it all go, it was too good, too special, too perfect, too close, too meaningful.

Joy, is precisely what it means.


They were all with me today whilst sitting on a CPD on glass, heated, structural, laminated, transparent and glass like, stylish and beautiful but also, ecological.

Energy conservation is on the list. We are changing.


With all of you aboard, there is Hope. Let’s all dance together, and choreograph and draw and write a better tomorrow.

Let’s Dance.



Soda Pop X



Ayvin Rogers

Atmospheric. Poetry. Warming. Thank you.


Andie Brazewell

Love this ❤️ thank you @Solange Leon Iriarte (Sol)@
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