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Julene Siddique - 26 May 2020


Discover the secrets, knowledge and practices to unlock the full spectrum of your Womanhood.

Too many woman struggle with womanhood and too few understand how to unlock the power of their womanhood. In this course we go through how to unlock the power of your menstrual cycle, fertility, sexuality, womb, feminine energy, lifestyle and social/gender issues. This is for menstruating women of all races and ages. Make this the summer that changes your life. We give you all the tools, knowledge and resources to re-invent yourself so your womanhood can flourish.


                                From sexuality, to social change, to understanding your body inside out – This is The Initiation.



Anaiya Sophia (Author of Womb Wisdom and Fierce Feminine Rising)

Alisa Vitti (Author of The Woman Code & CEO of FloLiving)

Miranda Gray (Author of Red Moon & Director of WorldWide Womb Blessing)

Dr. Christine Northrup (Author of Woman’s Bodies, Woman’s Wisdom)

Dr. Saida Desalits (Expert in Jade Egg, Author of The Emergence of the Sensual Women)


12 Sessions every Saturday afternoon at 3pm BST.

Launching at Campfire's Lighthouse For Learning at the Campfire solstice World Harmony event - Saturday June 20th 3pm BST. (And then running for 12 weeks)


This ticket purchases you all 12 sessions for a minimum donation of £85. Pay more if you feel.

Buy tickets here


NB: Tickets sold separately for individual sessions for £10 per session. Email for tickets for individal sessions. This is the discounted ticket package!! Available only for a limited time!


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