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Ralph Pettingill - 28 Oct 2019


How have you addressed the 'Christmas Question' this year(assuming it's 'a thing' for you).. I'm curious what other folk do...

I've probably started pondering this slightly earlier than usual: "What to do this Christmas?" I was prompted by that unwelcome reminder, the department store with Christmas decorations displayed in September. I know that Christmas isn't even celebrated or recognised by many of us, but it's virtually impossible to ignore or avoid, in case any of us wanted to. For many , the ready answer is based around visiting permutations of family. Being contentedly 'uncoupled' at the moment, I don't have an obvious significant other to hunker down with. Fortunately I've been lucky to have regular good contact with my family in recent times. This Christmas I'd rather spend time with good companions- space for walks ,conversation and sharing. A moment's reflection- I'm basically describing Campfire.. 



Rose Lennard

As your 'contentedly uncoupled' ex ;-) I second this. As we've discussed, it would be lovely to get together with you - my very good friend Ralph - and a small group of others who would like to stay somewhere cosy, cook up tasty feasts, chat or be companionably quiet together, maybe sing, definitely walk, be in nature... what's not to like?



You sure is friend!
Oddly, I was pondering the same question, slightly earlier than usual I sense.
I've always wanted that elusive house-or field -ful of folks; good-hearted, convivial but not much into alcohol, spiritual/altruistic in the heart, happy to hug, cook, sing, play, listen, talk, get outdoors, and HAVE FIRES!!!
So where shall we meet then?
Or I'll be off on some lonely yoga retreat in Spain wishing I could have pulled the above off.
I'm offering our snag place a mile from has 3.5 acres of land, places and wood for fires, could sleep quite a few peeps, with room for camper vans too.
Any thoughts, get in touch here! We need to get plotting!
What do you say Ralph??


Ralph Pettingill

Ooh! Very tempting @LAURIE PYNE . @Rose Lennard (who else...?). and I can confidently tick many of your boxes ;-) .. let's talk soon...


Rose Lennard

That sounds wonderful, I'd love to share in something like this!

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