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Jeremy Pearce - 16 Mar 2020


Super tasty Nutritious 30min Soup Serve with crusty bread or even garnish with some home made croutons .Enjoy Bon Appetite Campfire x


Red lentils( dry) White onion /Celery /Carrot/Garlic /Fresh bay leaf /Fresh Thyme/Fresh chilli / Flat leaf parsley and chives /Tomato puree/Stock cube / Fresh lemon juice/Toasted fresh ground cumin /black pepper and coriander /Virgin press Rape seed oil and Virgin olive to finish


Heat spices till they give off fragrance and whizz in a coffee grinder

 Rough chop vegetables and sweat off in a heavy base pan in some oil with the lid on like in the picture

Add spice and fry it out and the tomato puree and stock cube

Add lentils and enough liquid and cook out till the lentils are soft

Chop soft herbs

Whizz soup then re heat add fresh squeezed lemon juice ,adjust the seasoning  and its ready

Garnish drizzle with olive oil 


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