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Jeremy Pearce - 20 May 2019


I always keep a brick of frozen squid in the freezer and everything else was either in the fridge larder or garden .The Fennel goes perfectly with it .Giving a dry aniseed back flavour with the pepper and chilli


Whole Squid /Fennel seed Cumin Coriander seed /Cracked black pepper /Salt/Garlic / Fresh chilli/ High Flash point oil Lemon juice 


Cous Cous Lemon Juice Good quality Olive Seasoning /Chickpeas//Good quality black olives /Cherry tomatoes on the vine /Red pepper /Cucumber/Chives/Fresh Basil /Parsley and rocket /Capers 


Coat Cous Cous with oive oil seasoning and cover with hot water placing a cover over the bowl  When the grains have taken up the liquid fluff up to free the grains and add the lemon juice and chick peas 

Clean squid and score the flesh and pop the beaks out of the heads then place in a bowl with some oil the garlic and the fennel chilli and cumin and coriander seed and fresh cracked black pepper and put to one side 

Next cut salad and Herbs 

Method .Heat a frying pan to a very hot temperature drop some oil in and then the marinade d squid but dont move them till the sides have sealed, otherwise the juices will escape and you will end up with boot rubber .The flesh will curl up and then deglaze with lemon juice and tip into the rest of the ingredients and its ready .Add more olive oil and lemon juice if dry and to give it more shine and salt if its needed .

Time 20mins 



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