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Jeremy Pearce - 04 May 2020


"Super tasty rich pungent warm coconut flavoured Vegan curry Full of vitimins and texture "


Chickpeas (Cooked )/Can of thick coconut milk /Onion /Fresh Garlic /Ginger//Potato/Courgettes/Aubergine /Green pepper/Lemon grass/Red pepper/Fresh Turmeric/Fresh Curry Leaves/Tamarind paste /Coconut oil/Jaggery/

Spice mix Black Pepper/Dry red chilli/Star anis/Green Cardamom/Coriander/Cumin /Black mustard seed/Dry Turmeric/Nutmeg/Cinnamon/

Fresh herbs  Basil/Coriander/Mint/


Heavy Base Pan Coffee Grinder Spoon Sharp Knife


Heat spices except black mustard seed until they give off smell and darken slightly and then grind

Bruise Lemon grass with a heavy knife

Soak Tamarand  in hot water and strain

Cut veg onions ect ready to cook

Heat coconut oil in a heavy base pan Add black mustard seed when they start to pop add sliced onion garlic/ginger lemon grass/Add potato and rest of vegetables and then spice/Jaggery/ and cook it out /Add stock cubes and coconut milk and cook out and finish with fresh herbs  /Serve on rice

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