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Jeremy Pearce - 03 May 2019


"A massive slice of super spiced up Black Pudding and crisped smoked Streaky bacon and white pudding but that was the old Jeremy and new Jeremy has forsaken the gratuitous taste sensational pleasure of the Porko and its nitrates salt and fat excess

Vegetarian Full Cooked breakfast (Grilled ) Substituting falafel for the eggs would make a good vegan option (See my Falafel post I make batches and keep them frozen)

Time :  20 mins or less from whole ingredients to plate 

I wouldn't have even imagined it, before stopping eating animal flesh for a trial month to see if I could do it I guess maybe two years ago (I still eat fish and eggs and cheese occasionally). 

Now I can't look at a chorizo sausage without picturing a pig in an intensive pig farm and getting that double swallow knot in my throat.

I guess the industry will carry on and become even more brutal in its quest for cheap production. Unless meat gets grown from stem sells on petre dishes in laboratories  and the new science becomes acceptable  to the consumer and maybe very soon there will be no choice and this will become the farming method of choice and the Gammons Horse shoe Gammon will have been genetically modified into the  new world of the future Gammon?



King Edward Potatoes (or what happens to be knocking about in the kitchen even sweet potatoes would work )/chestnut mushrooms / red onions /organic eggs / tomatoes /purple sprouting broccoli/baked beans (of brand choice )/fresh rosemary /fresh thyme /sea salt pepper / chives /cold press rape seed oil 

Preparation : Cut the raw potatoes into slices or cubes no thicker than a centimetre skin on or pealed, It doesn't matter (They are going to cook under the grill with every thing else except the beans) Cut the onions into wedges (How many depends on the size of the onion I kept the root bit in minus the root to hold them together ) Tomatoes Either half of score on top .Mushrooms cut into wedges .Purple Sprouting broccoli (Not everyone's first thought when it comes to a full cooked but I grew so much this year I just couldn't keep up with it and it grills perfectly when coated with oil (cut into 2"lengths ) De stem Thyme and Rosemary

Method Heat grill .Take a big bowl and mix the potatoes mushrooms, onions , seasoning and herbs and coat in the oil ( omitting the chives  and the broccoli )and spread out on a metal flat or frying pan .(As long as the things big enough to make sure the potatoes surface area touches to transfer heat so they cook and colour through with out burning and the tomatoes too and place it under the heat but watch it incase anything catches (The top of my tomato did in the picture but the skin can always be removed .).When the potatoes colour turn them over and if anything starts to burn remove it .or lower  shelf .My onions started to caramelise up on the contact sides . When everything is cooked add the broccoli cook for 60 seconds and then break the eggs and set them under the grill .The beans can either be heated under the grill to save energy or separately .Then dress on a plate I managed to lift mine without breaking the yokes with a wide fish slice and garnish .

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satkartar Kennedy

Ahhh looks good, i do love tatties.... but I`m avoiding Nightshades & UK diet is full of them.......... potato tomato, aubergine peppers.......hard to dairy free and without those standard brit veggies- my breakfasts are grains miso/another veg soup, seaweed, sauurkraut & greens in abundance! Hard to get eating out Id say....skx

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