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Donnachadh McCarthy - 20 Nov 2020


This was my last week's climate column about the Johnson government's official response to the annual report by the Climate Change Committee, which found it was failing in 17 out of 21 indicators for zero carbon 2050 target.

The article lays out all the various propaganda methods that Johnson uses to fool us into thinking he is taking some significant actions on the climate emergency.

These include:

1. Repeatedly announcing the same cash investment in a project.

2. Announcing new cash for a project, which is actually a fraction of what was cut previously.

3. Making loads of announcements of tiny amounts of cash for various piddling green projects.

4. Adding up inadequate cash investments over ten years, announcing the total but tries to fool you into thinking it is for one year, by not mentioning the term of the funding.

But the sickest trick used in the Johnson official response to the CCC, was that it completely ignored its failure to deliver on so many of the zero 2050 indicators and instead invented its own "milestones" which it miraculously had completed many... grrr

After 30 years of being an ecological and climate campaigner, I am sick of this pathetic game playing by so many UK governments, over the years.

There is still a huge need for the alarm calls from Extinction Rebellion

love and courage

Donnachadh x

PS If anybody wants to know more about how the 1% have captured the UKs democracy, email & I will send you the ebook version of my book

The Prostitute State - How Britain's Democracy Has Been Bought

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