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Campfire Voice - 10 Jan 2019


"Come and join us"

"Join us or you're going to be rebelled against" is Extinction Rebellion member Tiana Jacout's message as she looks to meet Glastonbury Festival's Emily Eavis and other festivals as they step up plans for the festival season.  She invites other events to join the XR rebellion as the word spreads fast around the UK and beyond.

"There has to be civil disobedience if people won't accept the truth" says Tiana, in advance of a potential meeting with Glastonbury director Emily Eavis about a possible XR involvement at the midsummer festival. She is also looking to to out a message to owners and directors of other UK festivals to get persuade them to adopt the tagline 'Extinction or Evolution' on their publicity and PR materials this year. "Come and join us. Don't miss out!" she says.

In her talk at Frome's Rye Bakery yesterday, she talked about a Citizen's Assembly and the London Spring rebellion that is coming in April. "On the bridge at Westminster, we did a trial Citizens Assembly. It offered extraordinary solutions from ordinary people".

Jacout, who is also a founder of Womanfest, scheduled also for Frome in August is resolute about how we need to be 'worthy ancestors' to look after the earth for the next generation. 

She urges activists to come to London on International Rebellion Day and to take two weeks off from April 15th, one week to be in the streets and the second in prison, citing no choice but direct action to deal with the urgency of climate breakdown.

 "It will be our London Spring. We will refuse to leave until something fundamentally changes" 

Hear highlights from her talk here :



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