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Lucy Wills - 28 Jun 2020


In Pete's own words

"In January 1994, I was invited down to Union Chapel in Islington, which had just opened as an arts centre, and with its labyrinth of rooms and corridors, seemed the perfect environment to do a multi faceted Sunday social, in an era when such a thing didn’t yet exist. A lot of people were growing tired of the party scene at that time, so it seemed serendipitous to conceive the idea of The Big Chill, inverting the regular club concept of the times, and making the most ambient space the central attraction, with added sideshows, including brain machines, cafe, art gallery, bookshop, cake and tea stall and of course free internet access (we were the first event in the Uk to offer this facility as well as to publish our own website).

The event - more a ‘happening’ than a club - was a Sunday ‘all dayer’ and soon attracted hundreds of people for its own brand of social networking, helped by positive early press from David Toop in The Times, DJ and Mixmag, as well as our own On magazine.

After two years, this ‘festival in a club’ concept evolved into the great outdoors, again on a whim". Here's a bit more about those days.

We very much missed not being able to hold Campfire Convention there at the end of May as planned, and so many of us are strongly holding on to the vision of being back there as soon as is practical.

Please do chip in to help make sure that the Union Chapel is there for us, for so many other brilliant creatives and performers, and for the community as a whole.

This is the only photo I could find, and it's tiny. If you have any pictures of that time, please let us know.


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