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Chris Waters - 30 May 2020


There have been times in my life when I have been asleep, doing the ‘right’ thing.

I’m wondering about these times we are in right now. Whether this was always meant to be; from childhood I always knew that I would be answering a call and that it would be important to be ready, and willing to show up. There have been times in my life when I have been asleep, doing the ‘right’ thing. I even decided when I was 10 years old that I wanted to belong to the house of God.. that’s when I persuaded my mother to let me go to confirmation classes and get confirmed. I did all the ‘right’ things, and got confirmed only to realise that from then on I was expected to be ‘a good girl’. In an instant I knew that this was not what ‘god’ wanted from me, or anyone. Already I was a ‘good’ girl.. how could I be better than this? This definitely wasn’t on my agenda for my life... but it absolutely influenced who I would become. I went looking for another ‘god’. I found god everywhere.. in all the places i looked there were versions of god.. and there have been times in my life where that ‘god’ reached out to me in ways that I could never imagine. Places where I said ‘yes’ to my life.. even though I could not imagine where that would lead... I have known that i was guided by something bigger than me.

These times that we are in right now, require Faith and Trust... I put them with capital letters because I want to emphasise how important they are. To me they are like archetypes... they have an energy and a power that is unmistakably larger than you or I.

I have had to learn Faith... not by reading about it, but by stepping courageously through some of the darkest times of my life. I have called upon God, Jesus, Mother Mary in all her forms, and the Black Madonna who has been a guiding light for me. I’ve called on the archangels to assist me as well as the support from those of my ancestors who I know have ridden the tidal waves of fear and trepidation that all of us humans experienced at times in our lives. I have not been alone in all those times, even though sometimes it felt as though they all turned away, I realised that in those times I was learning Faith.

Faith has come from knowing that I am held... and by facing my fears head on, and to find myself embracing them with an innocent kind of love that I don't seem to have lost along the way. I have been fortunate not to have succumbed to cynicism or apathy.. and for this I thank my parents who didn’t have that kind of ‘smart’ intellect that likes to pull things apart and sucks the joy out of everything ....those kind of ‘smarts’ dry out your soul, and deaden the vitality of life. Those kind of ‘smarts’ means you have to know, and worse still you have to be ‘right’. That’s such a violence in my experience. It violates the innocence within us.. and makes us cold, and, at its worst, cruel.

Courage is what it takes to keep that innocence alive. Courage comes from the word ‘coeur’ which means heart. Of course there have been many times when I've felt totally disheartened and let down by life...but it’s courage that has brought me back.. Courage to keep going, to shift and change the momentum of my life and the courage to look deep inside and do whatever healing is needed within myself so that I wouldn’t keep repeating the same lessons. That courage is what’s needed right now. To stand out, to speak my truth which may be different from yours, and definitely will be a different voice than the status quo.

And then there’s Intuition.. courage and intuition together make a great team!

In these times we are being forced to stop...stop whatever we were doing and retreat into ourselves. Not even to have contact with another gives us an existential crisis as we are creatures that require connection to survive and thrive. We have to decide right now if this is the kind of life we want for the future of our world? We have to take courageous decisions right now.. not based on fear.. but based on how we want our world to be.

Before all this virus came about, people all over the world had begun to gather; in towns and cites in every corner of the globe there were uprisings... people objecting to how things were. It doesn’t matter the why... there were many reasons, ecological, economic, political, social... whichever way you looked there were people saying the same thing.. they did not want the kind of life they were being asked to live. Uprisings are a great way to begin, but rarely create the kind of massive change that is needed. In truth what was needed was already breaking down... a massive collapse of the status quo. Old systems were already crumbling.. and this virus is simply pointing out to us clearly where the weak points are. It seems as if we are at the edge of an almighty leap into a new paradigm.. if we have the courage to keep our focus on our dream of a new world.. one that meet our deepest needs on every level and for every human being... then we can garner our collective voice for change and build a new future from that place.

I'm reminded of the Quyllur Rit'i festival that takes place each year high up in the Andes on the glacier at Ausangate. It’s an ageless and timeless ritual and is all to do with the renewal of our world. It’s a festival that has been celebrated for eons by the people of the Andes.

Here's the story I tell, and do remember this is a beautiful myth... and myths are for the telling they may not be factual but within them lies a map, a guidance, a story of who we could become.

For 3 days and 3 nights all the lights and fires were extinguished and the people lived in the dark. There’s a pilgrimage to Ausangate, and up on this glacier people gather to celebrate. They sing, they dance, they celebrate, because they sense the coming of the light. Some people dress in bear costumes to represent the pre-people beings. Then in the middle of the night when it becomes really dark... the constellation known as the Pleaides, which till now has been hidden from sight, slowly rises above the great mountains and their light touches the snow of the glacier. When the snow was touched by the light people celebrated and carved out blocks of ice, and there were runners who took the ice to Cusco to the central square, and there, they cut off pieces of the ice and shared among the people who came from all the villages to receive the ice that had been touched by the light of the stars. Fires were then started in the Andes, and fire was brought to Cusco.. the central heart.

The ones who gathered on the mountain were the ones who sensed the coming of the light.

This ritual is ageless... and timeless.. and it's time for us to create our own Quyllur Rit'i festival.

We have been sitting in the dark.. for an age.. the kali yuga in the eastern traditions, the xbalba in the mayan tradition... all are the dark ages of mankind. Now we are standing at the edge of an evolutionary leap, a tipping point. Some say we are transforming from homo sapiens to homo luminous. Some say we are at a choice point... and that certainly cannot be denied! All the prophecies speak of the golden age that will return after the upheaval and chaos that will pervade our earth. We are in the upheaval, the pachakutti, the great turning of the world. The Q’ero say that this is the world turning the right way up.. maybe that isn’t what it feels like right now! They say that the ‘golden age’ is coming, but right now we are in transition, we are crossing stormy seas with no map or compass... this is where we need our courage, and our intuition.. along with Faith and Trust.

As we step through the portal that is open to us all right now, not only must we believe that the world will begin anew.. we must hold tight to the vision of the kind of world we want to create. Without a vision we will be lost. We also need to take some action... but not from a place of desires... but from a place of values. We must let our personal values be our guiding principle. We are seeing this happening everywhere.. .people taking care of each other, connecting even during a time of isolation, in ways that would not have been possible before the onset of this technology. The actions that we take now will be our footsteps on the path as we make our way into this new future. Let our actions not be from fear, but from trust and faith in the future that is unfolding, and in the knowledge that each one of us has the power to create this future for ourselves and for each other, and for Mother Earth and all her children.

Our destiny is calling us.. we are here to answer that call in whatever way we can... our personal destiny, our collective destiny as a species, and the destiny of planet earth are interwoven... we will do this together.



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