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Steve Thorp - 08 Sep 2019


Deep Wellbeing is a learning and development programme for people who are interested in creative development in challenging times. It is for anyone interested in developing own deep wellbeing and resilience within an ecological, connected framework.

Developing a toolkit for troubled, broken times is the aim for my Deep Wellbeing and Soulmaking learning and development programme running from October.

I've crafted thisn over years working as a psychotherapist, writer and activist, and the course takes as its starting point the idea of ecology of mind – the way our 'self' meets the world soulfully, ecologically and with connection ans asks how we can develop and sustain deep wellbeing in troubled times. 

Now, more than ever, we need the chance to regenerate, rejuvenate and reconnect – but we need frameworks, conversations and inner work to do these things.

I'm offering this 8 month programme from October, and it's a deep dive into some of the archetypal, ecological and psychological themes of our times. 

I call it 'Unpsychology' – an alternative way of experiencing and thinking about self and soul in the world. A different way of integrating our practice. It's the sort of conversation we might have around campfires – but we can also have online! 

The programme is running in two (hopefully overlapping) groups. One will meet face-to-face in St Davids Pembrokeshire on Thursday evenings. The second will be online and do the work with a mixture of email, video and webinars. 

There will be two day retreats at the beginning and end of the course (October 5th is the first) which will help frame the work we do together, and to which all those joining the course are invited. 

It feels like the right time to be offering this course – and I'm hoping that Deep Wellbeing and Soulmaking can act as a practical, psychological foundation for the wider creative work and activism we are all involved in. 

Get in touch if you'd like to know more, download the prospectus from or go straight to the ticket site at:




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