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Chris Waters - 09 Jul 2020


What we do for ourselves, we do for all.

Of course healing is in our own hands... we are the motivating force that finally begins the process of healing.. and yet when we come together, when we hold space for each other, when we support each other, when we stand for each other... the healing that takes place goes so deeply in our own hearts... into all our hearts. As one heals, we all heal.. as we hold each other ... we are each held. Together is the way we make a difference. I am so aware that in isolation we will not heal... separation is a core wound that we bare, and that creates so much dis-ease, mentally, physically, emotionally... especially in these days of lockdown and isolation.

This testimonial for my work came today... and speaks directly to how important the group dynamic is in the healing process, and the team that supports the group also plays a vital role in each one reaching into those depths, and coming up with their gold. What we do for ourselves, we do for all.

"I'm conscious that I was the one who said YES to this wonderful medicine, who responded to her hearts calling to healing, but I also know that I couldn't get where I am without you and the support of the Team and not only....without all the people I know and don't know, the ones who choose this beautiful path, the path of Shamanic Medicine. I'm very grateful and I thank you one more time from all of my heart".



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