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Azul Thomé - 25 Mar 2020


My little farewell to XR:

Dear all when we gathered in 2018 in London it was to mark and engage with the start of something extraordinary 
that brought us together, 
showed us what truly mattered, 
offered countless opportunities to offer our gifts, 
showed us our traumas and growing edges 
and supported part of the waking up of our world. 

Today we have another experience to face, to meet and making meaning with. 

I want to listen deeply to this liminal stage we are in.  
So I will be cutting one by one all the threads that do not nourish this next phase. Being part of XR as an organism is one of the thread I am severing. 

I sense that XR, that very strange being, has done its sacred job well and now needs to be left to decompose and transform... in peace, honour and gratitude. 
My opinion and my action.

Meanwhile my whole world like yours is changing each hour....with no certainty at all. 

To learn to fall and encounter the void little by little. To weave once more a sacred relationship with death, grief, love in service is what I am called to feed. 

Stay connected to the living and to the wild. 

With Love and Cœurage



Pete Lawrence

Wishing them well - sounds like there is quite a deficit


Katherine Lucy Sang

Greenpeace ?

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