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Jason Hine - 27 Jul 2020


The fascist strategy is to pose as a "rebel" against the system, and get leftists and hippies to attack each other and attack civil society in the West thinking they are fighting a noble fight against George Soros, "globalism" or the imaginary "deep state

Fictional conspiracy theories such as Qanon, and conspiracy theories about the imaginary "deep state" are cooked up by the far right and weaponized to distract attention from really-existing geopolitical strategic game playing and really-existing empire building on the part of fascists: that is part of the purpose these conspiracy theories are designed for.

Spiritual people are particularly susceptible to this because they are perceived as high on empathy and low on boundaries and therefore seen as easy to turn or manipulate.

An effective way to defeat one's opponent is to get them to chase after imaginary enemies in order to weaken them, confuse them, control them and cover up one's really existing nefarious behaviour.

It's an old strategy: Machiavelli and Sun Tzu describe it, its used by abusers everywhere to get their victims to trauma bond with them, and some intelligence agencies round the world are trained in such techniques.

The Overton window has shifted to the right over the last thirty years or so, so folks mistake centrists for leftists and the far right for the moderate right. Of course the far right's strategy has been to encourage and capitalise on that shift in the Overton window.

People who are disenchanted with the political center, disenchanted with "identity politics" and disenchanted with capitalism or neoliberalism would in the past have gravitated to the moderate left, far left or center right, but these days the far right have extensive recruitment and disinformation campaigns to funnel those disenchanted with capitalism, centrism, identity politics or neoliberalism towards fascism.

Part of the fascist strategy is to misguide people into thinking the centrist neoliberal policies that trouble them are leftist policies. The far right then pretend to be rebels against capitalism, whilst in fact standing for an even more extreme and brutal form of capitalism.

Spreading disinformation and fictional conspiracy theories through mechanized AI algorithms to lure alternative culture luminaries and leftists to the far-right has been part of the international far right and fascist play book for a long time.

The fascist strategy is to pose as a "rebel" against the system, and get leftists and hippies to attack each other and attack civil society in the West thinking they are fighting a noble fight against George Soros, "globalism" or the imaginary "deep state."

The purpose in these disinformation campaigns and conspiracy theories are to divide people against each other, divide the working class, undermine democratic systems in the US and Europe and forward the agenda of white supremacist Christian fundamentalism.

Also, one of the far right's current strategies is to actively rebrand themselves as spiritual teachers or "new paradigm influencers." Some of those right wing "new paradigm influencers" around today share some of the same beliefs as the fascists and Nazis from the 1920's and 30's but use a cover identity as new thought teachers, spiritual teachers, coaches and new paradigm influencers to forward their agenda and get ingress in leftist and alternative culture circles.


While it is true that conspirituality intersects with massive privilege that has to be held accountable, there's also a very real sense in which the ideology, as delivered by charismatics, has an awesome power to indoctrinate and even radicalize, seemingly out of nowhere. In those worst cases — like QAnon recruitment — people can go from hearing about the theory to loading their trunks with hunting knives and driving all night to DC, all within days. The sheer speed mystifies people who study radicalization by groups like ISIS.

I'll never forget: "No one joins a cult. People delay leaving organizations that misrepresent themselves." (Cathleen Mann) Everyone is vulnerable to deception, and if you're situationally vulnerable — recently sick, divorced, isolated, unemployed, displaced, depressed — even more so. Naturally recruitment and indoctrination will rise in tandem with stress. A pandemic is a recruitment jamboree. 

I spent 6 years indoctrinated within 2 different groups. The shame of that lifted in part when I understood that deception was the gateway and hook. 

If you have been a vector for disinformation, yes, you might have made better choices. But it's likely that you were also unduly influenced, activated by the algorithms. That's not your fault. Happily, you can always contribute to cleaning up the mess. "

-words by Matthew Remski

When it comes to conspiracy theories, of course governments get involved in repressive or destructive nefarious activities, sometimes secretively or clandestinely. Its not that we should just blindly side with or not question mainstream narratives. But it is not the case that that we have to chose between the hegemony of government narratives and a few brave conspiracy theorists who expose these narratives. Rather those conspiracy theorists who supposedly expose the mainstream narratives are often themselves co-opted by government interests.

Many extant conspiracy theories are manufactured by governments and spread via online AI algorithms to cover up really existing government incompetence or really existing injustice, NOT reveal it. Many conspiracy theories don't generally reveal the truth but CONCEAL it. These manufactured fantasy fictional conspiracies includes all the most popular conspiracy theories, such as that Trump is some kind of messiah here to take down the deep state, that the Covid-19 virus is some kind of harmless flu, that Bill Gates is an evil eugenicist or that illuminati or aliens are behind geopolitical events.

It is well established that conspiracy theories are often deliberately manufactured (not in secret but openly) by competing geopolitical powers to spread chaos and undermine other countries mainstream narratives. 

Just as people who are "war-minded" see war everywhere, often naive pacifist "love minded" spiritual people, do not see information war where in fact it exists. They have lost the instinctive natural healthy ability to protect themselves against really-existing propaganda threats. They try to listen to "both sides", which can be helpful and laudable, but naively do not see an information war where it in fact exists. 

At present, with the slow decline of the US as a major world power, there is a large scale geopolitical battle for hegemony and a battle for control of narratives between the most powerful nation states and some non-state actors. 

Each is trying to undermine the others in the battle for dominance and a major tool used for this is to flood the internet with nonsense conspiracies, or "flood the zone with shit" as far right ideologue Steve Bannon put it. Competing geopolitical powers leverage conspiracy theories and leverage people's paranoia to confuse the public and undermine the other side's economy and narrative.

Popular alternative culture conspiracy narratives are leveraged by geopolitical powers to cover up really existing imperialism, really existing power struggles, power grabs, land grabs and ecocidal activities. The conspiracy theory often doesn't reveal the nefarious truth but actively HIDES it.

In this sense, one has to think on a meta-level about conspiracy theories: not "what deeper truths does this conspiracy reveal?" but "in what political context is this conspiracy being manufactured?" Or: "what is the meta-context of the political context in which the conspiracy theory is being manufactured ?"

Ask the question: "what really existing material phenomena or sociopolitical injustice does this invented conspiracy hide?" Or "who is leveraging this invented conspiracy theory to get a strategic-political or economic advantage?"

A small proportion of conspiracy theories do turn out to have some basis; in such cases there is a need for detailed empirical skeptical investigation and exploration of evidence based sources to sieve out any little nuggets of truth from a mass of falsehoods. Also non-conspiratorial outlier opinions sometimes reveal valuable truths others have not yet seen. But most of the popular conspiracy theories HIDE the truth deliberately rather than reveal it.

Empirical investigation can't tell you your life purpose and it can't tell you if Yahweh, Odin, Cernunnos or Shiva exists. It doesn't have an opinion on that because there is no possible experimental procedure at present that can prove or disprove the existence of Odin or Shiva. Individual scientists may have one opinion about it one way or another but science itself remains silent about it. But science is helpful to examine certain empirical data points about the interactions of specific phenomena in specific limited contexts.

Science doesn't answer all the questions of life nor does it offer absolute truth. It doesn't know anything absolutely or with total certainty. It can be manipulated politically by selectively funding some research whilst suppressing other areas of research. All that it can point towards is a certain probability of something being true if multiple scientists converge on the same data points reached by hypothesis and experimental verification.

An absolute exterior Cartesian/Baconian seventeenth or eighteenth century-style objective reality with a total split between body and mind and a total split between humans and nature doesn't exist. But we don't live in a totally relative subjective solipsistic reality: objectivity still exists relatively when we empirically examine inter-existing phenomena in nested contexts.

Its not that we can say: "Here, on one hand, is a fabricated you tube video or unsubstantiated article, then on the other hand here is empirical data discovered by multiple scientists - lets see if we can find a reasonable mean or balance between these two views." 

These two viewpoints aren't balanced and aren't equivalent to each other. They don't fit together in a Hegelian dialectic or as Jungian pair opposites or any other such schemata. We don't live in some flat entirely solipsistic reality where everything is equivalent to everything else.

A conspiracy theory emerging from the baleful mouth of Donald Trump or cooked up on a troll farm doesn't have the same claim to truth as the empirically verified evidence of a thousand scientists. The former has no claim to truth and the latter has a high probability of being true.

Youtube videos, videos of outlier doctors or outlier medical professionals and unsubstantiated internet articles are not equally reliable sources as peer-reviewed scientific papers published by scientists themselves or reported in reputable scientific journals. Its not that some outlier theories might be worth investigating and might later turn out to be wholly or partly true. But to find out if something is likely to have some basis, its useful to look at primary sources, or reputable journals that report on them.

Deep embodied or land based spiritual or animistic experiences aren't the same as paranoid fantasies, psychoses, hallucinations or conspiracies. In the case of deep embodied spiritual experiences, a person is "opening": sensing something larger that also encompasses them, something "outside" or extimate to the sphere of their normal identity, "ego" or small self.

By contrast, in paranoia, a person is "closed" in some sense to the nature of things and is projecting their own "ego", "small self" or psychological "shadow" onto material reality. In paranoia, our birth traumas become fantasies of controlling "Matrix" style machines, our unprocessed psycho-spiritual relationship with our ancestors become stories about malevolent aliens and mythbeings that we have fallen out of cultural relationship with are misinterpreted as evil archons.

To live in a paranoid way is to project one's psychological, historical or ancestral trauma onto geopolitical events. This sometimes "feels like" or "seems like" a spiritual awakening because it IS a break from ordinary socially acceptable consensus (sheeple) reality. But it is an awakening to a "closed" universe, in which one encounters one's own face in the place of God or the government, projected outside onto the nature of things.

One of the far right's current strategies is to actively rebrand themselves as "spiritual teachers", "new thought teachers" or "new paradigm influencers." Watch out for spiritual teachers who warn against the imaginary "deep state" or invent conspiracies about George Soros: the purpose of this is to confuse people and get them to attack democratic institutions or attack human rights thinking they are attacking the imaginary "deep state" or fighting a Jewish conspiracy. Watch out for so-called "spiritual teachers" who lump center right folks, center left folks, socialists, mutualists and greens together and absurdly and erroneously label them "postmodernists"or "Marxists": this is play to discredit democratic systems in the West, discredit policies that uplift people from poverty and provide a cover for white supremacist Christian empire building. Some of those right wing "new paradigm influencers" around today share some of the same beliefs as the fascists and Nazis from the 1920's and 30's but use a cover identity as new thought teachers, spiritual teachers, coaches and new paradigm influencers to forward their agenda and get ingress in leftist and alternative culture circles.

I don't identify entirely with the left or right either. If there was a culture where there was a constant deep democratic dialogue between those who have more physical mainstream power and those who have less or it and a constant rotation of leadership and power, there wouldn't be a need for a political "left" or a "right." But for now that's not in place.

Generally, the problem with the left, in modern western cultures anyway, is that they are self-sabotaging, and not sufficiently strategic, and the main problem with the right is that their current policies encourage removal of the commons and ensure collapse of the biosphere and decimation of human and more-than-human life. The two troubles are not symmetrical. 

To use a strange metaphor, if the left was a person who came for help or therapy, then that therapist might want to help them reclaim the power they have, stop self sabotaging and heal their trauma. If the right was a person coming to therapy they might need help with their trauma but also correction, challenge, limitation, confrontation and learning to be dependent on others.

There won't be an apocalypse. Everything that is happening now: climate change, pandemics, the rise of demagogues and false prophets, terrifying, destructive, deadly, harmful and real as these things are, don't add up to the apocalypse.

Nothing will be revealed. All necessary information is already available.

There won't be a clean slate. Seven trumpets won't sound.

Current crises won't deliver a better world, unless you get out of that new thought leader's conference room and show up to pressurise governments, build on-the-ground community, create mutualistic businesses that out-compete capitalism, change economic systems, protect vulnerable people and plant gardens

Replace your hopes that things will turn out ok with actions in a time of immense trouble. Replace your hopes with tender relationships.

The rapidly accelerating destruction won't compose a collective initiation either, unless you show up as elders to hold space.

If the Babylonian whore appears, remember, she is a forgotten goddess

When the beast arises to devour the earth, it may really wish to redeem the world with its grief and thunderous river of tears

Don't immanentize the eschaton, fuck the eschaton in the ass

Then the eschaton might realise, its young and its got time yet, and go off to see the world

Compost the apocalypse. Draw the apocalypse backwards into the past.

Withdraw the apocalypse back into the ancestor time

In place of a revelation of truth, instead you will be altered.

You won't arrive as yourself, but as a mutant holobiont, in relationship to community, Oak trees, rivers, hawk moths, ancestors, three-headed witches and activist solidarity networks.

Instead of a new Jerusalem or more beautiful world descending from the sky, let sequoia trees, cuttlefish, sea lilies and abundant communities make you a more beautiful human

The emergent future arises from what is behind you.

Instead of moving towards the inexorable future apocalypse, reverse its energy backwards and regenerate bioregions, create communities, develop restorative technologies, resolve conflict, heal trauma, as your ancient earth based ancestors did


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