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Dan Knowlson - 01 Apr 2020


This is long, but so much wisdom contained within. Easy to listen to and connect with what resonates.

The past few days I'm becoming more aware of the great slowing that is happening on the Earth and just what an opportunity it is.

An opportunity to descend ever more into a fear-based control system of restrictions and manipulation....


An opportunity to go inside ourselves for our own inner descent and from there to heal ourselves and come together to create a new way of being together on this beautiful planet

Madly as the world slows, we're really busy at work. It seems the spirit of cacao is calling to many!

And I'm aware of my own calling to go inside, to be silent, to sit in ceremony.

This video reminds me how important that is at this time.

And I will be doing exactly that.

Dan x
Mountain Lion



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