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Jason Hine - 09 Jul 2020


My experience of coaching and facilitating with many folks and learning their deepest dreams is that most folks are not what they seem. Even the most seemingly "ordinary" person or group contains huge strategic powers that could be used to transform political and economic systems, defeat their enemies, sorcerous powers to bend the skein of fate, or listening skills that could be used to make peace between people in intense conflict, reforest deserts, grow strawberries, regenerate cultures or create eco villages.

Star constellations, goddesses pregnant with new worlds, Oak forests at sunset and shimmering azure lakes, migrating geese and subtle weather patterns in the upper atmosphere, million of years of ancestral wisdom going back into and past the time of humanity into the time of mammal wisdom and primordial sea creature's dreaming move through many people.

Beneath mainstream norms, folk contain wrathful three-headed witches and immense orgasmic sea dwelling chthonic bestial God-beasts, deep community relationships, sumptuous bull deities, horned faery goddesses wreathed in circles of fire making love, terrifying angels and cute kittens.

Through no fault of their own many folk, walk around as meagre residues of all the vast and impossibly strange powers that surge around them and often suffer from these powers rather than court them, ride them, relate to them, embody them, feed them and celebrate them.

For many folks to be fully satisfied, to drink deep, to be fully sated of life would be to unleash the unspeakably weird, roof-raising, outrageous and magnificent powers they are entangled with. These powers are always there, waiting to be touched and courted, reminding us that we are not just human only, we contain multitudes, we are penetrated by multitudes, we are filled with impossible tremulous beauty and power that can be unleashed at any moment.


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