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Jason Hine - 25 May 2020


The viewpoint held by right libertarians, of people like Dominic Cummings, coronavirus deniers, lockdown protestors and many modern coaches, spiritual teachers and personal development teachers that "freedom" to do whatever you want is the highest value, isn't a manifestation of freedom, it is a manifestation of being bound to one's inner adolescent.

Real freedom is not doing whatever the fuck you want even if it harms other people, but giving up or sacrificing doing whatever you want and instead doing something which feeds, creates or serves community solidarity. Real spirituality is giving up doing what you want, submitting to soul-forged limits and community-forged limits and doing what you must.

Right now we see many folks mistaking any form of control, any kind of force, any kind of hierarchy or structure for "authoritarianism." From the viewpoint of the ego that just wants to do whatever-the-fuck-it-wants regardless of the consequences, any kind of structure, any kind of control or force, however benevolent, can be mistaken for "authoritarianism."

The irony of course is that the real oppressors and authoritarians are completely untouched by this critique. Really existing oppressors are the real beneficiaries of the tendency to mistake healthy control for authoritarianism, as folks are blindsided to the oppressor's nefarious activities whilst chasing their own tails and attacking imaginary enemies.

Decentralised forms of council and liquid democracies are beneficial and also there has never been a healthy earth based culture that involves no structure, no hierarchy and has no sense of limits. The viewpoint that my "freedom" is more important than someone else's health is a manifestation of the adolescent ego that needs to be ritually given up or transformed, to be tempered towards service to life, in order for a village or a functioning community to come into existence.

People like Dominic Cummings, Trump and modern neo-spiritual teachers give us a great gift: they point out exactly what attitudes needs to be sacrificed or transformed in order for healthy earth based community to come into being.


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