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Julene Siddique - 10 Aug 2020


In this session we go deep into sexuality - in the context of everything we have learned so far. Covering how to increase pleasure in your sexual life as well as life all around! And we explore vaginal steaming and jade egg practices as well as key info on how to build up to bigger orgasms.



Here are some more resources:

Jade Eggs

buy a Jade egg here


NOTE: the small eggs are for advanced practitioners. I recommend a medium egg, if you find you can't 'feel' the medium egg enough then a large egg may be better for you.


Saida Desilets - expert on Jade Egg and great guides for developing a Jade Egg practice 


Vaginal Steaming with Catherine Hale


About Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal Steaming Herbs 



Extended Massive Orgasm: How you can give and receive intense sexual pleasure

by Steve and Vera Bodansky 


The Passion Prescriptions: 10 weeks to your best sex ever - by Laura Berman


227 Ways to Unleash the Sex Goddess Within - by Olivia St Claire


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