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Pete Lawrence - 23 Mar 2019


Campfire Convention's Phase 3 begins in earnest on May 1st with a crowdfund entitled 'Fire In The Belly'

More details will be announced imminently but if you'd like to join our combustion team to help take full advantage of this exciting opportunity, we would love you to come aboard and help spread the word from launch day amongst your networks and social media contacts. You'll also get a sneak preview of the perks that our members and supporters have offered.

Please email me at or message @Mary Valiakas via this site.

Our developer @Tim Regester has been working since before Christmas to prepare for our significant software upgrade to Drupal 8 and a new designer @Stephen Parsons (Stephan)@ (Snipz) is helping to craft a new look and feel as well as working on some fantastic animations with his work partner Lukas in Lisbon.

@Joshua Harris who made an excellent short film at our first Convention in 2016 is also putting the finishing touches to a short film and I was in Brighton last weekend to help put this together.

We have one or two surprises up our sleeve too. Meanwhile we are pulling together the various strands around our Mentorship Circle offers too which will form the basis of many of the perks we will be offering. 

Pete x




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