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Mar 2020

The Social Re-Set

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Something has finally brought consumerism to a holt. The shelves in our grocery stores are empty. Many of us who have never worked from home now have to. Some of us who scramble to find time for our kids now have all day in the house with them. Environmentalists have been calling out for cultural change for socio-environmental justice and now somehow we're all forced into it.


I'm hoping to create a space that is compassionate and supportive but also a place where we can discuss what this crisis gives us an opportunity to reflect on, what we can re-set in a healthy way in ourselves and in our lives. And also what this tells us about our institutions and society...can this crisis give us an opportunity to catalyze social change? Let's be open, compassionate but also honest, insightful and creative...this is my invitation.


I will be looking to host these online meet ups every Saturday at 4pm UK time on Zoom for the next couple of weeks. 

If you sign up for the event. Send me your email and I'll be sending out the Zoom link 5 mins before the call. 


Looking forward to our talk around the Campfire :)



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