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Namaste Katsuhiko Matsumura R.I.P.


In one week we have lost two brothers. Both were extraordinary creators. First the untimely death of my good friend John Rixon earlier this week and now my friend @Katsuhiko Matsumura, a Japanese artist who lived in Shibuya who I had known since his involvement in bringing The Big Chill to Tokyo nearly two decades ago. he had kept in touch ever since. He suffered a severe stroke.

He studied arts and science at Temple University. I was a newcomer to his work which will live on. I trust he will have friends in Tokyo who will see that.

It has been a strange journey, the last few weeks in his online company. I realised after Kats made contact again at the end of November that he was in a manic space. He was talking a lot about creating heaven on earth and was fixed on utopian societies and communes - much of his words were about the Findhorn community in Scotland, Auroville, the universal city in the making in south-India dedicated to the ideal of human unity based on the vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, yoga, spirituality, music, tranformation, art...

He apologised for his English but what he spoke was generally easy to understand in most instances. He sent me link after link, he sent me photos, ideas. He sent me several invites to new Facebook groups and Facebook chat groups which largely seemed to be just him talking. I received messages through Campfire, through Facebook, through What'sapp. My head was almost exploding with the relentless energy and input. In the end, just a week ago, with a heavy heart and overwhelmed, I had to mute his feed. 

This was one of the last photos he sent me.

What was odd was that he was constantly telling me he had too many things on and no time. And yet was posting manically to Facebook many many some days.  Music links, art, girls, philosophical ideas, peace campaigning. He joined Campfire though didn't post here. He joined our Facebook group and started not only posting prolifically but was sharing many articles on his own profile - Jeremy Pearce's recent articles, our Frome Campout, and lately the sad news of John Rixon's death. As we speak, the Facebook group page has several new members pending which he invited to the group. He even applied to join our Frome Beacon!  Here was a man on a mission with no spare time!

I'm still trying to process the flurry of activity of those few short weeks and what our dialogue meant to him. He had promised to light the Campfire in Japan this year and suggested he had spoken to DJ Mick who was very keen to organise events for us. 

His last words to me confirmed that his mind was very unsettled. Somehow he knew that the demons were with him, that he needed to unload and move on.

I did not sleep last night at all. I am involving in the too many things. Now I have to choose what I can out. Too much responsibility so suddenly.

His last words to me were "Now we become the Best friend, Sir? Just want to say everything. I am so happy now! The best team ever, sir... What do you think? I caught a cold, and need a rest now. Thank you sir! I am done now.. Always thank you for your advise...Sir..."

Katsuhiko San - I will treasure our brief and somewhat frenzied exchanges in your final days.

Farewell, gentle warrior. R.I.P.





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