"Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognising your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them." Thomas Kinkade
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About this guild

This guild is about maintaining that delicate eqiulibrium of mental and physical well-being, that organism whose inter-dependent mechanisms allow calm, rationality and ultimate spiritual fulfilment. Often it's easy for one or more parts to be thrown out of sync. Here we look at ideas and practices for retaining and increasing wisdom and vigour in a demanding, hectic world. 

"Wisdom is your perspective on life, your sense of balance, your understanding of how the various parts and principles apply and relate to each other."  Steven R. Covey


Pete Lawrence
22 October 2018
  Inspirational, educational and motivating. Yesterday's Tree Conference in Frome was a timely gathering to celebrate the beauty of this planet, its nature and making those resonant connections. Its aims were to: Support global citizen-led reforestation Highlight the emerging new...
Eugenie Arrowsmith-Pepper
1 October 2018
When I was first told I had breast cancer in 2008 I felt the urge to rage like an unhinged tennis player mid match point dispute. I had gone in to have a cyst removed that was all, how could it be a cancer? They had told me I was being neurotic and was part of the ‘worried well’ how...
Will Gethin
27 September 2018
A groundbreaking new workshop Enjoying the 2020s: Wising up to Super-resilience will take place at Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking, near Stroud, 15-16 October (Monday 10.30am – Tuesday 4.30pm). The event will support individuals, communities and front line services to grow their...
Pete Lawrence
20 February 2018
My new home town Frome is trailblazing solutions in the battle against plastic waste in the UK and is rallying local residents to gather up plastic and packaging material to return to local supermarkets on Saturday April 7th. Campfire Convention will support and follow up these actions at its...
Pete Lawrence
20 January 2018
A long article in today's Guardian magazine gives food for thoughts about changing fashions in regards to sleep. "Bragging rights used to be attached to being a member of the macho 'sleepless elite'" seems to have gone out of the window in favour of those who prefer to bed down well before midnight...
.. ..
5 January 2018
So, my wife says that I should call my first post something dynamic so it's called "2018 killer goal dream setting for y'all" ... A new year is upon us and often a time to start to think about the things we want to achieve. It's no coincidence that this is one of the busiest times of the...
Kimm Fearnley
2 October 2017
  There are lots of yoga and meditation videos and blogs online put together by people much better qualified than I - all of which will show you how to get into the perfect posture. But yoga is so much more than the asanas and once we begin to dig deeper, to listen to our bodies, to put...
Kimm Fearnley
1 January 2017
Sometimes during my yoga practice I cry. I am not a weepy or self-pitying type of person and consider myself quite strong physically and emotionally but occasionally, seemingly out of nowhere, I find myself ambushed mid-asana! Earlier this week I was attending a class and feeling pretty free...
Andie Brazewell
22 October 2016
When I started a new job that took me away from my beloved Peak District to Sheepy Magna, I considered all options for where to live. Buy a house, rent a place short term until I find what I want, buy a camper van to live in for a while...or buy a narrow boat! The last option seemed like a real...