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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  H. Jackson Brown Jnr


Frome resources

By Pete Lawrence, 26 February 2018 11:19
The Frome Independent is an award winning, destination street market with a difference. We reclaim Frome’s high street once a month to showcase the best independent craftspeople, designers, makers, producers and traders in the South West.
A DIY guide to creating independent politics in Frome and beyond by Peter Macfadyen.
This site provides all sorts of information whether you are a Frome resident, or a visitor to Frome including the latest news, local services, Frome Town Council business and lots more.
Local news and what's on, free paper edition
A new organisation which has been set up to support local people to bounce back from the difficulties of living with poverty. Food distribution centre, furniture bank and much more..
Frome is one of over 600 Fairtrade Towns across the country, 1600 throughout the world and is located in Somerset, the first Fairtrade County in England. We are putting together a local directory of shops, cafés and businesses which use Fairtrade products
The Frome Chamber of Commerce is a group of local businessmen and women who are working together to help the businesses and community grow. We have monthly events, workshops, and discussion groups to build skills, get connected and keep you informed
On the air, in the air, everywhere Broadcasting online and on 96.6FM locally
Sustainable Frome is a group of people living in and around this Somerset town who want to build a greener future, and one in which Frome is better placed to meet the challenges of climate change. We are part of the Transition Network.
We set up community enterprises and projects with our students, creating employment opportunities, positive local impact, and income for Edventure.
Campfire Beacons are regional hubs of the Campfire Convention community, where local initiatives feed into a growing international network working to change the world for the good of all. Each Beacon will be aiming to make regular calls to action
Versatile, informal, affordable and creative shared workspace for individuals and organisations. A shared workshop space for makers, doers, fixers and breakers, including facilities for woodwork and fabric work, plus meeting space.
In late 2010, a group of like minded film enthusiasts had an informal get together to discuss the possibility of putting together a Frome Film Club and to show the sort of films we were all already travelling some distance to see.
The Frome Festival is festival of music and culture held annually in Frome, Somerset, England since 2000. Martin Bax, a former mayor of the town, conceived the Frome Festival.
Step 1: Become a member. Step 2: Come into the shop or view our items online Step 3: Borrow any item in stock! We ask between £1 and £5 donation per item to enable the continued running of the shop. Step 4 : Return item for others to borrow
Frome Community Cars was set up by Frome Town Council in December 2016 to provide affordable transport for those unable to access the things they need to due to physical disability, lack of resources or lack of services.
Help yourself to what's on the shelf. Drop off good but unwanted food...
How can we reduce single-use plastic in Frome? This is an open group to discuss ideas and plan activities to reduce plastic in the town.
A group of people who feel passionately about the state of the Somerset River Frome and its surroundings.
Discover Frome is your visitor information site for events, arts, shopping, markets, history, food and more. Explore all that there is to do in this quirky historic market town!
Refill (.org.uk) is a really great campaign working towards reducing the use of single use plastic bottles and increasing hydration. The campaign part of City to Sea asks for local shops, cafes, transport hubs, etc to offer free tap water refills.
We make and mend things together, work on our own projects and use our skills for the benefit of the community. We undertake projects, acceptable to the group, which are of benefit to individuals, other groups and the broader community in Frome.
Our aim is to help prospective volunteers find interesting and rewarding placements and to support organisations to provide good quality volunteering experiences. Central to volunteer Frome is our new, bespoke volunteering database that’s just for Frome.
Mad about markets? Fanatic about festivals? Gaga about gigs? Inspired by independent business? Well get thee to Frome! And if you want to know what’s going on in Frome, get thee a copy of The List Frome!
Locally based independent online magazine with a global reach clocking hundreds of thousands of hits a year.
FRECo is a new energy co-op that will enable the community to invest in renewable energy projects in Frome. This will provide environmental benefits by reducing carbon emissions.
A Community Land Trust that has been created to: 1. Promote community living in Frome. 2. Identify and procure suitable sites for community housing projects for Frome residents. 3. Support the process of defining and formulating the management and poli
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