"The mainstream media has its own agenda. They do not want to print the facts. They have an agenda, they have a slant, they have a bias. It is outrageous to me." Curt Weldon
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About this guild

It is the duty of each and every one of us to be well-informed, in order to seek truth and to disregard the vested interests of a mainstream media intent on skewing the picture. This group will aim to offer incisive comment and opinion, as well as a running commentary on many of the important issues facing us in a fast-changing and often fractious world. We will also be aiming to build up a body of resources, for reference and to look at campaigning for change, when needed.



Campfire Voice
24 November 2018
As Extinction Rebellion moves into its second major weekend of protest today with actions in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and beyond, it's hard to keep up with the surge and momentum of this movement.
Pete Lawrence
20 November 2018
If you're wondering what Extinction Rebellion is all about and what the tactics are that can be employed for meeting the essential demands that the government take more action relating to climate breakdown.
Jeremy Pearce
18 November 2018
It's not crank scaremongering: Industrialisation and the burning of carbon fuels and population increase is causing global warming at an unprecedented rate.
Pete Lawrence
16 November 2018
In a letter to Labour party members this evening, Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed that the Labour party will support the campaign for another public vote on Brexit “remaining on the table” if a general election is not possible.
Pete Lawrence
14 November 2018
After much wrangling and a good deal more to come, here is the draft withdrawn agreement for anyone who is at a loose end and fancies a quick wade through 585 pages over their dinner...
Patrick Chalmers
7 November 2018
We British share a chequered political past with our Celtic neighbours across the Irish Sea. Aside from the real violence of colonisation and independence battles there’s the habitual looking down of noses pointed westwards.
Daniel Pinchbeck
24 October 2018
I wonder how this growing capacity for social behavior control orchestrated via surveillance and ratings systems will mesh with the ecological emergency?  What is humanity's eventual destiny?
Jeremy Pearce
21 October 2018
England's not well, Europe's not well, the world is not well.
Tim Regester
15 October 2018
11 cyclist were killed this year on the roads of the UK. Hundreds of Pedestrians were killed. Stop Killing Cyclists organised this demo and die-in to highlight the need to spend £3Billion per year or 0.3% of the UKs Transport budget on making cycling safer and enabling everyone to cycle safely,