"Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess." Edna Woolman Chase
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Personal style is an elusive beast at best. Besides the fact that it’s ever evolving, we’re sure you also appreciate a handful of different styles. But which one truly speaks to you? And how do we evolve fashion retail so that's not all about the big clothes companies and retail stores? How can Campfire play its part in supporting independent businesses and selling direct?


Pete Lawrence - Update
3 years 5 months ago
<a href="/guilds/style/status-update-pete-lawrence-1504535442">How Amazon is using catwalk trends to try to conquer high-street fashion</a>

What features on your order history at Amazon? Cat food?...

Pete Lawrence - Update
3 years 10 months ago
<a href="/guilds/style/status-update-pete-lawrence-1493677070">Cycling fashion outfit Rapha plots route into the fast lane</a>

The morning commuter peloton can be a sight. While professional...

Pete Lawrence - Update
4 years 4 days ago
<a href="/guilds/style/status-update-pete-lawrence-1487873981">London fashion week street style - in pictures</a>

Stylists, editors and fashion fans have been out in force...

Pete Lawrence - Update
4 years 1 month ago
<a href="/guilds/style/status-update-pete-lawrence-1485545602">GQ</a>

We gave Donald J. Trump a presidential makeover-because somebody has to....

Pete Lawrence - Update
4 years 9 months ago
<a href="/guilds/style/status-update-pete-lawrence-1462622625">The way we shop now: the revolution in British spending habits</a>

They call it the "experience economy": a huge shift in...

Pete Lawrence - Update
5 years 4 weeks ago
<a href="/guilds/style/status-update-pete-lawrence-1454241666">Zeus + Dione: fashion's modern Greek classics</a>

The women of Pomakohoria are choosy who they share their...

Pete Lawrence - Update
5 years 1 month ago
<a href="/guilds/style/status-update-pete-lawrence-1451841257">37 Best Stylish Hipster Haircuts in 2017 - Men's Stylists</a>

If you are a fashionable guy then you will surely...

Pete Lawrence - Update
5 years 2 months ago
<a href="/guilds/style/status-update-pete-lawrence-1450177265">Superheroes and Supervillains Rendered as Flemish Paintings</a>

Superheroes and supervillains, and several strong personalities in between, are...