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The Library is a curated area for essential resources, from site tutorials to Campfire related events and policies. In time, we aim to expand the Library as a wide-ranging knowledge base.
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How is Campfire different?


How is Campfire different?


1.  Shaped by you 

Campfire is about:

A passion for living, 

A desire to be part of a stimulating community, energised by ideas, initiatives and mutual support,

A thirst for information, knowledge, ideas and engaging with new people, 

A quest for social change and new ways of doing things – whether in business, personal or community life.


Our aim is to shape an independent modern day co-operative with a remit as wide as the membership’s imagination. The community will decide on Campfire’s direction, priorities, policies and quality standards.

We know we want to do things differently, the community will work out the best ways.


  1. More than just a social network 

As the lines between work and play become blurred, we’re having to constantly jump between multiple online tools, networks and resources.

Campfire aims to plug the gaps between the current social networks and offer a single point of access to your online work, play and social activities.

You will be able to share travel tips for a weekend in the Lakes, showcase latest ideas for a business, set up a community campaign or just chat with like-minded people about issues of the day.

Our tagging and sharing system enables easy discovery of people, campaigns and activities that you want to explore.

As the community grows, it will develop a wide range  resources shaped by a dynamic membership.



3. A business model with integrity that you can trust

Campfire will be funded by membership subscriptions, not external businesses and organisations. It will be financially self-supporting.

Within time, it will be up to the community members to determine the rules, regulations and priorities.

The constitution will be subject to review and input by the membership.

  • Your participation and interaction will not be 
  • determined by manipulative algorithms. 
  • We will not track or sell your data beyond legal requirements.
  • Any major investment will be sought through crowdfunding as the preferred option.
  • Campfire will be an open and transparent organisation.



4. Campaigning

There is a sense that change is in the air. If we desire positive change, if we want to maximize the pleasure of being together as humans, if we want to be able to sidestep the chaos around us we simply have to build and shape our own world.  

Campfire will offer the tools to campaign for change at many levels. Change can take shape from the grassroots upwards rather than being subject to top-down dictats.

With resources at our fingertips, we are better positioned to reach consensus on issues and launch effective initiatives.

A new movement can rise up.


5. Encouraging collaboration

Campfire Projects enable members to showcase an idea, a work-in-progress concept, an event, a campaign, a current business project or an archive to an iconic historical experience.

Projects offer you an easy way to find potential collaborators, or display skills that may be useful to others. Such initiatives can also be discussed and developed in the Guilds’ forums.


6. A new editorial voice – yours

The media is becoming increasingly unreliable and unrepresentative; unbiased news is almost impossible to find, news priories are largely determined by manipulative capitalist agendas.

Principles are changing fast in the modern world, with even the last upstanding bastion of left-wing media, The Guardian now in a corporate partnership with the global giant Unilever. The time is right for looking at new ways to find out what’s happening, share opinions and debate issues, without being bombarded by adverts, sponsored links or affiliate partnerships.

The Campfire news agenda will be set by members sharing and recommending articles and features from a diverse range of sources. Campfire magazines – a curated selection members’ news, links and articles - will offer Campfire’s unique take on the world around us and a strong independent editorial voice.


7. A place to learn

More than ever, there seems to be a real appetite for broadening hobbies, mastering new skills and simplifying our day-to-day existence.  

Learning resources will build on community knowledge and expertise - how to make pasta, understanding Plato’s take on love or mastering the basics of a trade.

As university education becomes more about employment and less about education as well as being prohibitively expensive, we envisage a Campfire Academy offering high-calibre, Campfire-accredited online and offline learning opportunities relevant and highly beneficial to the community’s needs.


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