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5 December 2016, 18:05
The proposed Beacons idea comes out of discussions at Campfire Circle 003.UK. Beacons are voluntary teams based around a geographical locality, working for social change and / or promoting participation in the keys areas of Campfire.
2 November 2016, 13:57
We asked attendees at Campfire Convention 001.Uk what they valued most highly at the event. here are some of the responses..
2 November 2016, 08:48
We asked attendees at the first Campfire Convention how they would describe the event to friends. Here are some of the answers.
19 October 2016, 21:09
Barb Jacobson, Frances Coppola, Daz Long, Imandeep Kaur and Brian Eno discuss basic income for all - a universal weekly payment for all eligible citizens - can lead to the kind of creativity needed in the sort of world we would all like to live in.  Would we all qualify and how would we fund it?
17 August 2016, 21:42
A selection of photos from our inaugural event
18 March 2016, 15:41

Campfire Convention 001.UK took place in the beautiful spot in the Golden Valley on the English side of The Black Mountains (just a few miles from the original and inspirational first Big Chill Gala event which created history 21 years ago) and utilised one of the most spectacular pub settings in