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Pete Lawrence
22 May 2018, 11:43
This guide may be useful for new members who might feel overwhelmed when they join, in that Campfire isn't like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where you can mainly do basic status updates or tweets or publish photos. On Campfire you will find a variety of things you can do.
Campfire Voice
26 November 2018, 21:55
There are numerous reasons to join Campfire Convention - a conscious community that links up like minds whilst promoting new ideas and diverse opinions.
Pete Lawrence
31 August 2017, 23:00
Friday 1st September has been a landmark day in my calendar for a long time now - and there have been times when I've doubted whether we'll make it at all.
Pete Lawrence
24 August 2017, 09:06
Tuesdays evening is Campfire's version of Any Questions / Question Time but with an invited guest as well as additional live topics. All on our forum.
Pete Lawrence
5 April 2017, 18:54
Martin Moore's new paper (uploaded here) focuses on the dominance of the tech superpowers in news dissemination. He recognises that news is more interactive and more in our hands than ever before. "The brave new world of platform news is one of DIY news.
Pete Lawrence
14 March 2017, 13:43
"The future is being born, but nobody’s paying much attention to it. Disaster sells newspapers, but hope generally doesn’t. The end of an old order is the beginning of a new one.
Ruth Wallsgrove
15 January 2017, 19:40
This is a proposed statement on our ethos and principles in talking with each other on this site
Pete Lawrence
17 November 2016, 19:01

The forum is often the lifeblood of the online community - the place where you can tell stories, ask questions, discuss any number of issues, give tips and advice, listen to others' issues and passions.

Pete Lawrence
20 September 2016, 09:01
Campfire doesn't require you to delete the URL. As if by magic, our coding does it for you..