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The Library is a curated area for essential resources, from site tutorials to Campfire related events and policies. In time, we aim to expand the Library as a wide-ranging knowledge base.
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Pete Lawrence
13 June 2017, 19:50
Find your ways around Campfire with our site map and quick links
Pete Lawrence
9 April 2017, 10:46
How to get to grips with site and make the most of its features. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions as well a whole host of links to other tutorials and articles.
Pete Lawrence
3 August 2016, 13:19

Here's our starter video, helping you work through how to make status updates, create more evolved posts, view your activity and make friends. There will be more tutorial videos as soon as we can get them done!  

Pete Lawrence
2 August 2016, 15:08
Our Library is designed to build up our own collective wisdom as a community. Here is an introduction on how to get the best from it.
Pete Lawrence
2 August 2016, 12:59
How to get up and running with status updates and posts on Campfire
Pete Lawrence
29 February 2016, 14:15
Use Campfire's Projects' as your central creative space through which an idea can be conceptualised, played with, discussed,built and ultimately realised.
Pete Lawrence
25 August 2015, 16:44

Campfire Convention development work is truly under way and we will be looking to invite a few Pioneers to help shape the community within the next few weeks. Campfire Convention is about creativity, interaction and exchange, nurturing ideas, developing Projects and having fun! 

Pete Lawrence
20 April 2017, 12:54
If you're new to the site, and are looking for easy, handy links to key features and concepts, there's no better place to start. We hope you enjoy your time around the Campfire and wish you the warmest of welcomes. May the sparks fly!
Pete Lawrence
1 February 2017, 21:42
A few people have asked me to post on where I think certain types of content work most effectively on the Campfire site, so I'll have a go here.