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The Library is a curated area for essential resources, from site tutorials to Campfire related events and policies. In time, we aim to expand the Library as a wide-ranging knowledge base.
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Pete Lawrence
29 February 2016, 16:43
Campfire Convention takes to the road for a regional event. Here are some guidelines for what to expect.
Pete Lawrence
1 June 2016, 10:28

Our August launch event Campfire Convention 001.UK is falling into shape and some of the core team are heading into The Black Mountains next weekend to walk the site and discuss more detailed plans ahead o

Pete Lawrence
3 September 2016, 17:17
An outline for November 4-6th Campfire Circle 003.UK team meeting, using 'open space technology'
Pete Lawrence
22 February 2017, 12:58
The Campfire Conversation is a moveable and adaptable feast for Campfire members to organise and programme. What is evolving is a framework with some guidelines that have been built by members experiences so far.