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Pete Lawrence - 31 Jul 2019


"The best weekend of my life" Jon Skuba

We've just staged an amazing event called The Little Chill. 

I'm starting to collect quotes from social media - please add your reviews and reactions here. And I have posted Jai Michael's photo gallery from The Little Chill (see bottom of article)

"An amazing weekend . I’ve been dreaming about the Chills for a long time and finally the reality of another chance to be with the tribe came true. The same feelings of serenity love and togetherness hit me every moment. Totally inspiring music and world class acts . Deep meaningful and much needed chats giggles and connections around the Campfire . Wow just Wow . Thank you all for being the love and bringing the spirit."  Pepps Pepper


"The Little Chill festival... what a totally blissful, fun, aurally and visibly magnificent, warm, happy and CHILLED time we’ve had here courtesy of Campfire Convention" @Jenny Barrett 


"Better than I imagined even without peacocks or Macaws :). I do hope it's a little start not the end..."  Laura Murphy 


"Thanks for one of the best weekends I’ve had in forever. Was truly amazing, such lovely people and incredible music, can’t wait to do it again" David Sciculna


"A really special event in a glorious part of the world." Andrew Heath


"It was an incredibly special weekend! My knees ache which means a lot of dancing was had. Brilliant!" Andy Wilson


"It was so special to return to the chill, small and super special as it used to be. It was such a beautiful weekend of breath taking performances and surroundings. Feeling blissed and uplifted." Laura Murphy


"It was a truly special one. Big love "  Solange Leon


"Blinding weekend. What an amazing way for me to get back on the horse after years of doubt.So grateful for the chance to play again with the support of friends and community. Paradigm shift."  @Matthew Coldrick  Pan Electric


"Absolutely fantastic weekend. Well done to everyone involved." Liam Barkley-Smith


"The best weekend in yonks. I'm still buzzing." Janey Black


"Epic weekend! Thank you Pete for manifesting this heart-opening weekend. It left us all wanting more." Ori Latter


"Spectacular weekend in a field. A homecoming, silliness, ridiculously amazing line up, great chats, hilarity, love, connection and wasps" @Anette Dal Jensen (netjecadetje)@ 


"Absolutely AMAZING!" Darren Whyte


"Someone said it was their best Big Chill" Laura B 


"It’s been absolutely fantastic. Top top top acts, people and vibe. So good to catch up with friends made over the last 30 years!!" Henrietta Fernandez


'Loved the depth of feeling there - and conversation available." @Indra Adnan 


"Wonderfully beautiful and rich with joy and connection." @Gale Vincent 


"A lovely weekend, great people and great vibes." Durran Eden


"Thanks Pete and Chill team for putting this together. I met some great people who all contributed to making the weekend exceptionally special - artists, organisers and Chill enthusiasts - I now know why! Thanks for giving me a DJ slot to share music and contribute in a small way. I also made connections that may benefit young people in a music charity I was involved with, so The Chill may have a legacy that will ripple through geography and time."  @Ayvin Rogers 


"It was wonderful, magical, musical and a joy to be there with an incredible feeling of belonging to a big loving family." Lesley Arrowsmith


"What an amazing weekend. Thanks everyone who put so much effort into making it happening. I feel truly energised." @Lisa Faiers 


"No words. Such a lovely mellow vibe. Making new friends and memories. Hope we can do it all over again." Toby Eastwood


"It was a truly fabulous weekend." Kelly Lauren 


"Without a shadow of doubt the best festival I’ve been too in a very long time. 
More please..." Spikey Kingston 


"Even the few hours I was there were invigorating to say the least." Steve Cobby


"The love in the field was immense and I met some lovely new friends, let’s hope we can regroup next year. Pete, take a bow - we thank you. I think I might glow all week." John Graham


"A truly awesome few days." Chris Farthing


"A real success of a weekend, and a proper 'Little' Big Chill, marked out by the familiar reference points of ethos, atmosphere, and the shared community of the earlier Chills I attended and fell in love with." @Mat Dakin (Mjdakin)@ 


"Such a beautiful event." @Mary Valiakas 


"The best weekend of my life" Jon Skuba

And here is Chewy Grandy’s review :

What. A. Weekend > #TheLittleChill

It was so good and I had so much fun. 

Amazing vibes. Amazing music. Amazing people.

Made new friends. Re-made old friends. Faces that I hadn't seen for years. Met people that I had wanted to meet for years. Danced in the rain. Danced in the sun. Shed tears of joy watching it unfold on the Sunday - and I know I wasn't the only one. Pure emotion all round.

Big love and props to every kind soul I shared a moment with. Too many to mention but I'll try. It was one of those rare special 'you had to be there' events - we all knew we were lucky to be at. I know I pinched myself many times.

Alice Russell (beautiful stripped down acoustic set) and Neil Cowley and his drummer Clive spanking the arse off the Friday night finale.

The ledge Steve Cobby for doing an impromptu collab (and driving for hours specially to do his set) with the absolute don MC Kwasi who both helped bring the sunshine vibes on Saturday afternoon. Nico de Transilvania - Muzică Without Frontiers for taking us on a tropical trip. Tom Middleton giving us a Global Communication history lesson. Stuart Holotronica for the amazing visual spectical to finish off Saturday night....

….. and of course the legend that is Norman Jay MBE who as soon as he drove onto the small festival site brought the Sunday sunshine with him. Never in doubt.

So many musical highlights to mention all...

Pete Lawrence - thank you again for inviting me to get involved in such a lovely intimate event. It was a joy to see you in such a happy daze all weekend.

Also all the other like minded nutters. Lou David Lecia Toby 
Liz aka Rosy and Sarah - Jon Skuba and the Woo Tang Connection - Jon Harris and the Brum crew - Brighton crew Bear Solange Nicoleta SpikeyJonny Paul & Joe Felix - Danny Kwasi Leigh Matt Anette aka Nettie Steve Gale Pepps Andie Matt 'Coldcut' Black Matt 'Nearest Faraway Place' and Lorri…. the list could go on and on (apologies to those that I have left off - still feelin' kinda fluffy ha)

You were all brilliant company and left your mark on such a unique event.

Life affirming biznizz…….. until next time xxxx


Steve Hoare's review






Bruce Bickerton

Being at the Little Chill just made me realise how much I've been missing the people and the general vibe of the annual Big Chill get-togethers. So, so good to bump into old friends and 'family' and to genuinely feel the love.

Whichever way you look at it - The Big Chill was way ahead of the curve in pulling together a genuine community, both in person and online... Campfire's the logical destination for those of us who are disillusioned and have either already left, or are seriously thinking of leaving FB.

I'd love to see this gathering happen again, and I know that pretty much everyone who attended this one will feel the same way. Thanks to all who made it happen - amazing vibes... xxxx


Paula Knee

Great time. Great photos x


James Lamport

It was truly fabulous to feel that chilled vibe again but also to speak to new people with the common interest of The Big Chill.


matt black

Superb uplift from the weekend, still buzzing, well done Pete and everyone xx


satkartar Kennedy

ITs all about community........ahhhh and lets not forget the L.O.V.E. FAb . time!! Xxx

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