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Pete Lawrence - 08 Sep 2019


“One of the most enjoyable, educational, warm and enriching experiences of my life”

We would love to know what you thought of Campout 2019. We are collating a selection of responses and will publish quotes here.

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“An extraordinary five days of love joy insight respect inspiration and connection.  Life changing!”  Gale Vincent

"A powerful, wonderful few days" Jo Berry

“Song, dance, babies, love and grace, conscious conversation, delicious food, men and women in ceremony, laughter, hay bales, openness to change - this is what the future looks like!So glad to have been involved.”   Lynne Franks

“I had the time of my life – the best weekend ever”  Sam Aukland 

""Campout felt like home" Theo Simon

“I truly can’t remember when I have been that happy, for that long, with that many people also being similarly joyous. What a thing you have created, Pete – this structured opportunity for us to share our hearts under the banner of enlightened social change and compassionate responsibility.” Laurie Pyne

“You have something pretty special there. Honoured to have been part of it and wishing you all the best in all kinds of endeavours that have that spirit at the heart of it.” Jamie Kelsey Fry

"I left Campout feeling not only inspired but more hopeful than I've felt in years!"  Brett Hennig

“I feel so fortunate to have been part of it. Thanks to everyone who made it so special – life changing even”  Rose Lennard

“One of the most enjoyable, educational, warm and enriching experiences of my life”  Andy Morgan

“A truly transformative week”  Geoff Greentree

“It was such a wonderful festival it was a privilege to be there”  Chris Brown

“A wonderful feeling of love, friendship and common purpose”  Tass Bell

“Campout was a game changer for us. We joined XR and are also rapidly planning a new way of life. Thank you for putting out into the world so much good stuff for us all to meet up and share with each other ”  Karen Nichols

“Such a beautiful week, full of love and kindness”   Jadzia Koprowska

“Five days of connecting with the nicest group of people, all committed to making the world a kinder and better place. I’m very honoured to have been part of it.”  Michelle Preston

“I don't think I've ever come away from something and not been able to think of much else. It's filled me with all sorts of thoughts!!  Thank you - I loved every moment - everyone was so welcoming.”  Helen Callaghan

"We are all still relatively raw and open like shellfish to the joy and grief that was released during those days. An extraordinary privilege to have led and been expertly led through some of those profound sessions. Yes friendships were forged through song, tears and talk that will enrich our lives for years to come and sustain our spirits for the tough time ahead." Sarah Jewell

“I felt like I plugged into a good source. And the nettles were part of that”  Lisa Faiers

"It was a beautiful gathering.”  Sophie Docker


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