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Campfire Voice - 06 Oct 2019


Pete Lawrence's rough cut version of his film Campout 2019, featuring XR co-founder Roger Hallam, Jo Berry's inspiring talk in reconciliation, Theo Simon arguing that kindness is the only solution, Peter Macfadyen on Frome politics, Brett Hennig convenes Campfire's first citizens assembly, plus Michelle Preston, Lynne Franks, Mac Macartney, Jamie Kelsey Fry, Alison Murdoch, Vicki Burke, Bob Hillary, Boudicca's Child, Beth Edwards, alucidnation, Facing The Ocean, Borrowed Light, Julia Palmer-Price, Sarah Jewell's Rebel Chorus, Joanna Harvey, Julie Oldfield, Liv Torc, Tara Greaves Circle Dance, Sophie Bolton and many more. 
Mostly shot on iPhone and edited in iMovie.

2019 Campout programme

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