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Campfire Voice - 12 Oct 2019


"Nothing is more important than this"

Roger Hallam gave what some might consider a controversial speech at Campout 2019 just over a month ago, entitled 'Emergency means Prison' and detailing why "we are fucked" and what we can do about it. Judging by many Campfirers responses, the call to arms has been hugely motivational and came just weeks before many of us were back on the streets of London, peacefully campaigning for urgent action after feeling that we'd been betrayed by a government that is still supporting fossil fuel industries. Radical action is now needed to avoid catastrophe and Extinction Rebellion is leading the way in waking up the world. 

Here is Hallam's speech in full

Hallam is actually now in prison and this week struck a book deal to publish 'Common Sense for the 21st Century' which Campfire obtained a copy of in Trafalgar Square this week. Click on the image below for a free download.

The book has been described by Guardian journalist George Monbiot as “wise, profound and persuasive.”

It will be interesting to see how history judges Hallam and his work. His message from prison, sent this week, was as follows:

"I have been here for several weeks and may be here for some time longer. But please remember to do this:

Take all your rage and fury
Take all your despair and heartbreak
Take all your love and compassion
Mould it and transform it 
Into a resolute determination to act.
To act and then come back and act again.
Again and again and again
Every day
Nothing is more important now than this
Nothing will be more important from now on
I cried as these words came to me
Because their weight is so great
We face the gravest responsibility
And the greatest opportunity for honour
The eyes of the world are upon you
Show them what courage, beauty, and humanity look like
Show them some damn spirit
Go to it, guys!
All my love

In terms of what Extinction Rebellion is achieving, it's almost immeasurable this time around after Easter's rebellion pushed climate breakdown way up the agenda in terms of the public's priorities. 

Ed Miliband this wek suggested that the next election must be 'the climate crisis election'. He said that people would look back on the climate crisis in a decade and consider it ‘much more important’ than Britain leaving the EU. he has branded Brexit a ‘nightmare’ diverting attention from other crucial issues facing the country. In the Guardian he wrote on why he thinks climate breakdown will be the defining issue of the next election  "

Calling for a 'wartime mobilisation' to tackle the crisis he said ‘If I think about the climate emergency I honestly think in 10 years time people will look back and say, “well that’s much more important than Brexit, much more important”, but it is blotted out by what has happened over the last three and a half years.’

Campfire Convention was in Parliament on Tuesday for the first ever Peoples Assembly, convened by members of Extinction Rebellion with co-operation from MPs Caroline Lucas and Clive Lewis in particular, who both spoke at the meeting along with ex police chief superintendent and XR supporter Rob Cooper who said "In the NHS you hear about the golden hour in critical incidents and it's the same with the police. In the context of climate breakdown, if you're behind the curve you have to run like mad to catch up. We are so far behind the curve we can't even see it"

The assembly asked specialist teams to come up with their priority questions to put government. See our report and video here:



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