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Pete Lawrence - 22 Oct 2019


Here are some proposals for new Campfire Circle Teams and parallel WhatsApp groups after recent discussions. We're looking to gauge the interest / appetite. Here are a few notes that may help.  Ideally we'd move these groups to Campfire when our Drupal 8 site is ready.

Steering Group - General Campfire business and key decision making, Zoom meetings once a month or so, company set up, funding initiatives…

Events Circle - Organising team for Campout, ideas for other events

Editorial Circle - Putting together a plan for our new D8 site magazine The Flame, writing, developing an editorial code, student journalism, films and podcasts.

Dev Circle - Working on our site update to Drupal 8 joining Tim and Alison on the technical development

XR Circle - for those focussed on Extinction Rebellion’s systematic transformation

Kindling Circle - Campfire youth - bringing young people around the fire

Mentors Circle - This started around our crowdfund with various mentorship courses. This can be done f2f and online and can also be revenue generating for Campfire

Wellbeing Circle - Looking after ourselves. Pausing, reflecting, nourishing and regenerating.

Other teams to consider :

Social Media Outreach - started by Michelle Spriddell a couple of years ago, and continued by Mary Valiakas before she left. We need someone who uses social media a lot to grasp this

Outreach - more general press and media outreach

Ethos - Developing our values and principles

Biz - Detailed business planning and fundraising initiatives

We invite your feedback.




Steve Thorp

I like this streamlining, Pete. What is your one-liner for the Wellbeing Circle? As a (related) sidestep, not sure you've seen what Climate Psychology Alliance are offering in terms of therapeutic support to XR people and others involved in climate action –


Pete Lawrence

Apologies that Wellbeing description got deleted for some reason. I've added it back in
"Wellbeing Circle - Looking after ourselves. Pausing, reflecting, nourishing and regenerating."


Christopher Brown

Happy to help out where needed also has anyone checked out “Telegram” as an alternative to whatsapp


Pete Lawrence

Yes, we auctioned Telegram and Signal too and ended up choosing WhatsApp for now as most people were on it and using art most days whereas they weren't with Signal. I'm not really comfortable with this logic, given that we're trying to persuade people to move to and post on Campfire @Christopher Brown but we need to be talking to each other first and foremost.


George Scott

I am interested in being involved in the Health and wellbeing circle.

I have also got some ideas regarding funding and happy to also be involved in the steering group.

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