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Pete Lawrence - 31 Oct 2019


"#extinctionrebellion will spread like a global virus. It might just give us an outside chance of saving the planet." Nov 2018

Amazing work in their first year. Happy birthday XR - the most important social movement in my lifetime. 

Here are some links to my films from the three London rebellions with some notes from my articles (which also include galleries) :

November 2018: Five Bridges are taken 

It was a joyous, relaxed and purposeful coming together. We calmly took five bridges in central London.

I met the Frome contingent near Horse Guards Parade at 10 o'clock and no one really seemed to know what was happening other than to convene on Westminster Bridge. That suited me and seemed to suit most who were there. 

We arrived at the bridge around 10.30 and around 10.50 we took the bridge. Police were helpful and good humoured. At 11.15 they attempted to clear the bridge, accusing those who were there of "obstructing the highway". I'm probably right in saying that nobody left.

So here's my story of the day - a momentous day. One that I suspect might stand a chance of going down in history as the catalyst for a sea change that many are looking for, in terms of activism for saving the planet, putting pressure on governments to recognise and urgently react to the issues. #extinctionrebellion will spread like a global virus. It might just give us an outside chance of saving the planet. 

It was also a great thrill to be invited to speak from the stage. Good to see mindfulness and meditation taking place on Westminster Bridge on a Saturday at peak hours!

Here's my film of XR November 2018:

April 2019 : Waterloo Bridge meditation video

This all happened spontaneously when a hundred or so police suddenly marched onto Waterloo Bridge in the sunshine on Easter Saturday. What followed was an incredibly poignant ten minutes of meditation shared in the presence of police and protestors. Many hugged, many shed a tear. At least a couple of police did too.

When I first posted a video of this event - my highlight from the two days spent at the recent London Extinction Rebellion protest - to social media, I was pleased and surprised to see it gaining thousands of views, comments and shares. 

It has since become an iconic moment and has been shared frequently.

My film from Good Friday 2019 :

October 2019 : Power to the People

"The events of the past week will already go down in history as game-changing. With the staging of the first ever Peoples Assembly in parliament, the first appearance for an XR representative on the BBC's flagship Q&A Question Time and a millionaire media's agenda paying much overdue attention to the week's world wide rebellions, you'd think that the rebels might have already quit while ahead. But the restless spirit of Extinction Rebellion remains resolute, if difficult to pin down by its very adaptative nature. Protests ensued and deeds triumphed over words and ideas  - a doctor's march, a grief march down Oxford Street, a sit in at city airport, another at Billingsgate Fish Market, a further display of unity in the city, in this never-ending quest to usher in the radical changes that so many of us yearn for.  Power to the people indeed!"

My film from October 2019: 

Here's Jamie Kelsey Fry's article from The Ecologist today





Christopher Brown

I remember 3 years ago a lot of people who voted for Brexit thought they were going to take back control and some even thought that it would teach the younger generation the value of money how wrong they were and the way they were manipulated.Fast forward a few years and a real problem is getting publicity Climate Change and thanks to Greta and XR it is making waves and challenging the very life we live Thanks for the Wake Up Call I believe there are solutions so we all need to do our homework and get things put in place and be disrupters of the status quo

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