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Campfire Voice - 17 Nov 2019


Ahead of its general election manifesto launch on Thursday, Labour has this week unveiled its offer of free broadband for everyone. 

We will deliver high speed broadband and mobile connectivity for every household, company and organisation in Britain from the inner city neighbourhoods to the remotest rural community. The National Investment Bank will fund the public sector backbone of this vital infrastructure project, regional banks will support local access cooperatives and Ofcom will coordinate the private telecoms companies’ contribution to its realisation. Because ubiquitous access to digital networks is now a prerequisite of 21st century life and business, we will ensure that high speed broadband and mobile connectivity is available at the same low price without any data transfer cap across the whole country.

One of the most notable policy suggestions is that we would each be able to opt into having control of our own data via a Digital Citizens Passport.

Their Digital Democracy Manifesto is downloadable (see PDF at footer of article or click image below)

The ‘BBC Prime Ministerial Debate’ on Friday 6 December will see a head-to-head between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn live from Southampton. ITV is to hold ‘Johnson v Corbyn: The ITV Debate’ this coming Tuesday.



Christopher Brown

I think this is a very good idea it shows that there is a vision for the future of the Uk which will help people improve there education there work situation etc certainly a challenge to the tories and other political parties . Uk voters need to come out of there comatose state as there is so much in play climate change ,technology ,reform of outdated systems will they wake up in time.

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