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Campfire Voice - 04 Jan 2020


The newly-formed Frome Campfire Beacon book club is going online for its third session - on March 29th at 15:00 GMT

The first hour will be spent talking about (and reading from) books that are currently inspiring you - so have a book to hand.

We will be meeting online using the Zoom platform (free download available)

The meeting link is

The first hour was spent talking about (and reading from) books that are currently inspiring us - here is the reading list.

We are back in March with singer-songwriter and book author Bob Hillary, who has just published his book 'Simplify - How to Stay Sane in a world going mad

Short, simple and refreshingly practical, Simplify offers 21 Earth Warrior practices to help us live more consciously and to cope with the ever increasing pace of modern life. Bob Hillary shares the lessons he learned living off the grid, exploring his 'wild edges' and practising a slower, more attuned way of life.

How can we live more simply, learn to appreciate what we have and root our way of being in the Earth we have inherited? By living simply and becoming an Earth Warrior. As life keeps urging us to go faster, many of us are moving in the opposite direction... we are looking for SLOWNESS, for stillness, to live more natural, less complex lives. 

Bob Hillary spent a year living off grid, an experience that taught him how to live simply. This meant downscaling, re-wilding, un-teching and finding and doing things that are free. These philosophies provided a framework for the 21 practices he shares in this book. They range from letting stillness be your friend to learning to say 'no' and practising gratitude, and they offer fun and practical ways for you to start making simple living part of your everyday life. 

Bob also looks at the crucial process of self-healing, which needs to take place so that you can fully embrace the book's closing section on action - how best to take the simple living message out into the world. This is a manual for modern times, teaching us how to be Earth Warriors and live in a more joyful, positive, meaningfully and above all simple way. It is guide to creating positive action, to walking the right path and making the right choices. 

The second section of the afternoon featured guest speaker Katie Brockhurst who has just published the social media self-help book 'Social Media for a New Age' - 

Katie says:

In my twenty years working with social media, I have come to see the many ways it can be both good and bad for us. For society, for democracy and culture, for our relationships and businesses. For our health, mind, body and spirit. This book is an account of what I see and feel happening in digital culture. I share about the importance of ethical social media in digital society, alongside ideas on how to manage our digital wellbeing, avoiding burnout whilst working in today’s world.

"I will be exploring our relationship to social media, particularly Facebook and its platforms, where I predominantly work with my clients. I also think Facebook Inc. has the biggest impact on digital society and our digital self, through the sheer power and influence of its platforms. I will get into the shadows and take a look at their owner and master, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg. With plans to launch their own digital currency Libra, the imminent arrival of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) platform Horizon, plus a paid partnership with news media companies, Facebook has been busy.

"All of these aspects add up to something much bigger than we can currently understand or see with our physical eyes. Facebook’s platforms are being used by the majority of online society to communicate on a daily basis, so I think we would benefit from caring more about what they are doing with us, our attention and our data.

"As we look at the impact social media is having on our digital wellbeing, I will share my personal journey with you, as I realised that I was burnt out, disillusioned and addicted. I will be offering a Social Media Angel Self Care Guide at the end of this book and the ways in which I am approaching social media communication more consciously as we move into this next decade. I am bringing digital self-care to the forefront and centre, as we mature into the next phase, of Social Media For A New Age.

Tickets are available now for February via Bookitbee (free booking, donation on arrival)

"Katie Brockhurst shows real insight in calling out the toxic dark forces of social media - surveillance capitalism dressed up as a rat race for likes, clicks and sales. We need to urgently and radically transform the way we approach social media and the effect it has on our wellbeing and her books are a manifesto for positive change.”  

Pete Lawrence, Firestarter Campfire Convention



Neil Thornton

Loving this book a lot was a Christmas present from daughter.

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